Fitness Post – Living With Tension

This is the last in a series on releasing tension in the body and although people see that living with tension as normal behavior, it’s not natural. We all have tension at different times in our lives but many of us live with it on an everyday basis, and this is not healthy! We are the only animal on earth that does this. We can cause this in other animals by putting them in an unnatural environments, but in the wild, they don’t live with tension as a natural response to life.

As I have indicated in a previous Post we can relieve a lot of tension by exercising. That helps to relieve the symptoms but not the cause. When I see clients with tension I can help them to relieve it, but I point out that they must take the responsibility to eradicate it altogether themselves. We are taught many of our behaviors by our parents, by either observation or by inflicted patterned behaviors. We also learn it through education system and our peer group. Once we understand that we have within ourselves to change behaviors that do us harm, then we have the power to change them. But many of us don’t…or should I say most?

Most, if not all the stress we have is internal. For me when I first started looking at repetitious historical patterned behavior that was doing people harm…in other words I could guide them to change to more positive behaviors as far as their health was concerned, but they would revert back to their original negative behaviors within a short time… it didn’t make logical sense to me. But I didn’t understand then that everyone views the world differently and most are separatist in their outlook (in that they don’t see themselves as part of a whole). This is where a lot of tension comes from in the human species. We think that things that happen outside of ourselves are determining what is happening to us, when in fact it is the other way round. Once we understand we have the control of external happenings in that it is how we interpret them that is the most important fact, we can start to take control of our world. (This is why some people see an event having a negative outcome where others see it as an opportunity…losing your job for instance?) 

Once we get away from this ‘victim’ mentality we can lead a life by design, not by accident.

This is one of the most fundamental and basic understandings if we desire better health. Tension comes from within so that is where the answer lies. We choose the illnesses we get by the lifestyle we choose to live. So our interpretations create what is happening outside of ourselves, which in turn effects our bodily health and we need to catch ourselves within the experience of interpreting if we desire a happier, healthier life. 

It’s your life. Your choice.

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