Health Post – The Dangers of Avoiding the Sun and Using Sunscreen.

This subject has had some controversy for some years with one of the major world’s Dermatologists, Bernard Ackerman saying that avoiding the sun and using sunscreen does us a lot more harm than good!

One of the obvious reasons as to why is that the sun is our major source of Vitamin D and now a long term research study in Sweden reports that women who avoid the sun and use sunscreen are twice as likely to die of some sort of disease than those who do not? So why?

All nutrients are an important part of what our body needs to stay healthy. There are many of these nutrients that the modern diet lacks, and this is supported by scientific research as to one of the major courses of modern diseases. So if you do not get your daily requirement of vitamin D (which takes about a half hour in the sun) then you are missing out on a very important ingredient for optimum health. 

It’s actually ironical that missing your daily requirement of vitamin D is one of the major causes of a very aggressive skin cancer! Lacking this vitamin also contributes to a number of other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rickets (in young people), tuberculosis, inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systematic lupus erythematosus and Sjogreni syndrome as it is a major ingredient in building the body’s defenses from these diseases. If this isn’t enough there is some evidence that the lack of sun exposure may lead to cognitive decline over time according to researchers at the University of Alabama. 

I am not suggesting that you become a ‘Sun Worshipper’ and exposing yourself to the sun at every opportunity but be certain that you are aware of the importance that ALL trace elements are an essential part of overall health…vitamin D being one of them. Also understand that you can get your daily requirement of vitamin D by exposing yourself to the natural light of the day, it doesn’t have to always be the full sun. There is always a balance and too much or too little of anything is a danger!

Please don’t believe me and if you have a question about this subject or any other I post upon, do your own research. 

Your health, your body, education is a major key to great health…

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