Fitness Post – Getting Rid of Tension

It amazes me how we worry about things that happened in our past and things that may happen in our future…two things that we can do nothing about! I have talked about ways we can work on being more in the present and being conscious of stopping negative thoughts in previous posts but I want to touch on another aspect of the reasons for bodily tension here. Even though this is a subject that belongs more within the health sphere, you can’t really disconnect health and fitness and I have had to deal with this quite often with my clients over the years…even the ones that come to me with a specific fitness goal in mind because if they don’t work at getting rid of bodily tension they are prone to repetitive strain injury.

One of the major reasons for tension is that we live with opposites. Often we want something, but don’t actually need it. We have to balance wants and needs. This brings about a circular pattern of thinking. There are many other opposites we have to deal with which I won’t go into now but for one. The ‘them and us’ pattern of thinking. Once we get rid of this old dogma life on this planet would become very much simpler…if we come to terms that we are not separate from anyone or anything else…that we are part of a whole and it is part of us we would be a lot more peaceful and a lot happier! I’m not going to say anymore about this as I want to deal with the physical aspect of tension.

I gave out a series of exercises that will help get rid of bodily tension last Post and when people actually do these exercises regularly they will work but you can’t separate the physical with the psychological and that is why I have explained an important part of getting rid of this health problem for good! We will keep on developing bodily tension if we keep on repeating an Historical pattern of thinking that other things that happen in our lives are determining what is happening to us, when it is actually the other way round. Now what I mean by this is it is the way we interpret these external happenings that is most important to get our heads around in that we don’t need to become ‘victims of circumstance’. They don’t drive us but we have the power to drive them.

You will see that the exercises I gave you last Post all revolve around the spine and once you free that up, the rest of the body will follow. I purposely did not cover exercises to the neck and upper back because I have covered them before but most people think that they need to do specific Neck exercises when they would get more out of working around it with basic exercises such as hands-and-knees crawling (see below) full movements pushing and pulling exercises with a ‘Fitness Band’ or the likes.

If you have tension in the neck and a corresponding headache, you don’t need to take ‘headache pills’ as a first resort! Try these exercises first. The reason I went off into a slight tangent last paragraph is that we mostly see ourselves as victims of circumstance rather than take affirmative action. So many people live with pain and ‘have tried everything’…but try these exercises and understand the reasons why we get tension and you will win!

Please don’t believe me but experience keeps on coming up with positive results…

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