Health Post – The Common Things We Do To Jeopardize Our Health

There are a lot of habits we form over our lifetimes that jeopardize our health and these are either learned or are formed through unconscious repetition. These unconscious abuses of our bodies is something we need to be aware of if we wish to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. My list here only really touches the tip of the iceberg, but are the common ones…

  • We don’t take the responsibility for our own health. We seem to usurp this responsibility without a second thought to the consequences. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and if we give them a chance in listening to the signals they give give out to us constantly and placing them in the right environment they have the capacity to recover from any disease. We tend to go to the doctor and place the responsibility completely in their hands rather than asking the right questions so that we can make our own decisions as to the course of action we need to take when we have a concern about something that ails us.
  • We eat unconsciously. As I have said in a recent Post, Suzanne Pearce Thompson of Bright Light Eating suggests that the food we place in our mouths is the single most common form of self abuse we perform on a daily basis. We don’t take the time to study what we need to do to eat healthily and therefore feel and perform better. We don’t read the labels on the foods we buy and we are strongly influenced by the commercials we see in our daily lives. We don’t constantly question the decisions made by the food industry. When the people producing the manufactured foods have to wear protective clothing because of the high level of toxins placed within these foods, we have to question the safety of our consumption of them?
  • We eat far too much. We are getting fatter. We need to eat less. I repeat my first statement of the previous paragraph in another way…we need to eat consciously in that we should concentrate on eating rather than be distracted by a television or computer screen when we eat.
  • We consider formal exercise programs are the only true way to a healthier lifestyle. Most of our day we are cast in a seated posture and we think that exercising in a gymnasium three times a week will be enough to help us in pursuit of great health. But more importantly it is the incidental movements we perform throughout our day that produce better health. We should look at ways that we can move throughout our days. Our bodies are designed to move and it doesn’t matter as to whether we make an effort in doing our own housework or walking instead to driving to places we need to get to (if possible), our bodies need this incidental movement for better health.
  • We rely on manufactured drugs when we are ill rather than natural remedies. Most, if not all, manufactured drugs have side effects so that in taking these drugs people need to take additional medications to negate these effects. If people would do some research on what they could do to improve their health naturally, they would discover that they don’t need drugs to cure their illness.
  • We need to become more conscious of our thoughts. If 70% of the average person’s thoughts are negative, their physical and mental health must suffer? Learn to observe your thoughts when you are in a negative mood and the very act of doing that will help you question your motives for that train of thought. Learn to be happy within each moment as it is the onlt thing we truly possess.Further more question everything, after all, reality is up for debate…just don’t take life too seriously?

I have covered these concepts in previous posts to varying degrees but if we learn to live our lives by design rather accident we would live healthier, happier lives…

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