Health Post – Cure for Chronic Sleep Disorder 

I know that I have had a few posts already for sleep problems but this is a sure way to get rid of a Chronic Sleep Disorder I am going to cover, but first let’s just recap on what causes it to put things in perspective…

The big causes of Sleep Disorder are depression and stress and these have been covered before but if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, the fact is that you wouldn’t have a healthy sleep! Other causes of a lack of a good night’s sleep are any disease of your organs and chronic pain where medical intervention helps if it highlights the cause of these problems and looks to use natural interventions that don’t involve drugs. Why I emphasize this is because one of the major side effects of prescription medicines is sleeping problems? There are more mundane reasons for sleeping problems including drinking too much alcohol before bed, eating chocolate, a large meal and/or drinking coffee or tea. There could be outside disturbances or if you work shifts. There also can be some sort of problem with the brain or sleep apnea which need specialist medical help to solve.

Of course sleeping problems are a double edged sword in that lifestyle issues affect sleep and sleeping issues effect lifestyle and normal function…

Before I cover the main reason for writing this Post I will re-emphasize a couple of things like –  if you do work shifts and need to sleep during daytime, wear eyecover to block out light or have heavy curtains in the bedroom. Use your bed for sleep only and don’t read or watch television in bed. Have the bedroom temperature at around 18 degrees centigrade if possible. Most people think that a small glass of alcohol helps to sleep but any positive effect of this is for only a small minority of people. There is the age old remedy of having a small glass of warm milk , which can be effective for some. Some breathing exercises can help which I have covered before. A short walk before bedtime helps some. The thing is, you can’t force yourself to sleep and if you cannot get to sleep within 20 minutes of going to bed get up and go into another room and read (don’t watch television and don’t read in bed as these things won’t help.)

The Cure for Chronic Sleep Disorder 

Always get up out of bed at the same time of the morning. This is critical for this remedy to work! 

If you get to bed at 10 pm and cannot get to sleep until 2 am after getting up to read for instance, still get up at your usual time…say 7am, whether you feel tied or not! The next night go to bed at 2 am and get up at 7 am to get your 5 hours sleep. You will feel like a zombie doing this but what you are doing is teaching your brain the Sleep Reflex, so do it! When you are sleeping through the entire 5 hours add a half hour and keep on adding this half hour until you’re getting enough sleep that you feel great and energized the entire next day. This could take several weeks to achieve this.

This cure works! The problem is that people think that lying in bed and not sleeping properly gives them enough rest but this doesn’t give the body and mind the required rest it needs. Just ensure you do all the other Sleep Hygiene things for quicker results.

As always, your decision, your life…

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