Fitness Post – Exercises to Release Tension

I have placed this in the Fitness Post, but it could very well be in the Health Post. The reason I have put it here is because I have talked about developing tension when exercising and I want to show the other side of having too much tension in your body. There are a myriad of health issues that can occur when you have got too much tension in your body but I want to highlight the side effect of pain. 

Bodily pain is a signal that your body puts out telling you that it is not functioning naturally and mostly radiates from the spine with associated pain running down either/and/or the arms and legs. Sometimes there is also weakness or numbness in the limbs and people can be concerned that there is a more sinister reason for this, but usually it occurs because there is an impingement in or from the surrounding structures of the spine. Most importantly it is best to get a checkup from the appropriate medical specialist. By this I mean an Orthopedic Doctor or a Chiropractor or Osteopath or the like. Most people may think that surgery is their best option but this should only happen as a very last resort!

Once you have had a checkup the best course of action is to get a physical therapist or exercise therapist to help you remobilize the places in your body that are tense and causing the pain. Once they have taken you through the program most of the work is done by you. Most people will want to stay stationary, concerned that they will do themselves more damage but the reverse is your best and only solution. You have got to move! But take things slowly and let your body tell you the best course of action as sharp pain will be a signal that you are doing something wrong.

For back pain the best positions to start your program in are lying on your back and/or on your hands and knees as these positions give you the best support. Some people think that they will get something out of a Yoga or Pilates class, but you really need individual attention at first because the causes of your tension and pain are very individual.  A physical or exercise specialist will help you through the process at a level and speed that suits you.

The cause of your tension could be either a physical reason or a psychological reason…or both. Usually if you have put up with bodily tension and pain for a number of years it will definitely be both reasons, so it is a long and multifaceted approach that is best. But if you don’t get some instant relief in the level of pain, change the specialist you are working with…

Next post I will go over some basic exercises you can do to augment the program you may go through and some other ideas that will help you take control of your program…it’s your body and your life after all?

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