Health Post – Historic Reasons Why We Are Getting Fatter 

I’ve used this type of photo so as to not offend anyone but the subject should be understood to gain a clear message in it. For it is major reason is that the world’s population is not only getting fatter but also a lot unhealthier… To quote Susan Pierce Thompson of ‘Bright Line Eating’, the most successful system of long term weight loss ‘The food we put into our mouths is the most harmful single act of self abuse we do on a daily basis.’

The major turning point in the change to a poorer diet was a long time ago when we turned from hunter-gatherers to farmers in that we planted crops that needed our constant care. This meant that even though we had a more consistent food resource we did not get the variety in our nutritional needs that our body requires. Even though it seems at first glance that our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors did not live as long statistically, if you take out the factor of a higher infant mortality, in fact they did live longer once beyond that critical age.

Once the Industrial Revolution took place the world’s population moved from the countryside into the cities and therefore the supply of food became more mechanized and farming became more systematic. To increase crop yields farmers put pesticides into the soils and sprayed crops with it to control pests. This not only irradiated the pests but also killed off the bacteria within soils that plants use to digest the nutrients they need to survive. When we and the domestic animals eat these plants, we need to consume more of it in an effort to gain the nutrients we need. More and more food is synthetically produced and lately Genetically Modified and this adds further to our need to over consume…

Add to these factors our more controlled form or eating in that it has been pushed through the Health Sector the need to eat three meals a day rather than the more natural way of eating of one or two meals a day (or more regular very small meals or inconsistent patterns of eating based on physiological need)…you can see why there is an ever-increasing pattern of overeating developing. 

Further add to this the higher pace of life in that it decreases the pleasure of eating because it takes away people’s consciousness in what they are consuming there is a further increase in a tendency to over consume…

As I have pointed out in earlier posts the lack of all the nutrients we need for the maintenance of health is a huge factor in the increase of many of the modern diseases of the present. People are eating larger meals because our modern consumerist society are manipulated to: both internally within our natural physiological makeup and by the constant bombardment through advertising and living within the sociological myths that over consuming is better?

If you want evidence that what I am saying is true, have a look at the way people live within the so-called Blue Zones of the world, where they live far longer and healthier lives.

Next posting I look at ways to change the way you eat to improve your health and quality of life.

Believe nothing I say until you have educated yourself so that you can draw your own conclusions. 

If you desire one factor to change the way you live if your life falls short of your expectations it is education. (But always question the sources of your information?)

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