Health Post – Choosing the Right Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are far more than a fashion statement and the correct ones will protect your eyes…but the wrong ones are worse than wearing no sunglasses at all! Below are some ideas that will help you choose the correct ones…

  • The sunglasses in the photo above are an example of my first statement about them being a fashion statement and mirrored ones are not the right choice. So don’t choose sunglasses that look cool as mirrored ones don’t have a strong enough UV (Ultraviolet) protection. So don’t go for cheap sunglasses no matter what they look like.
  • When buying sunglasses look at what UV protective measure they have as it should have a protection factor of at least 400 or more. So this should be the most important factor you look to in choosing them.
  • As far as the color of the lenses are concerned the worst ones are black as they have the opposite effect in protection in that they open up your pupils so that the UV rays actually penetrate the eyes much more readily! This is an example that it would be better to wear no sunglasses at all.
  • ‘Chameleon’ lenses (the ones that change their brightness depending on the strength of the light) can be a good choice but they have two disadvantages: 1. They are at their most effective above the temperature of 27 degrees C. Anything lower than that their change in brightness is a lot slower. 2. They only have a short effective lifetime in that they lose their effectiveness to change as they age.
  • Some people go for glass lenses over plastic ones but because there has been a great advancement in technology since plastic lens first appeared, plastic lenses are actually better than glass ones in the higher quality varieties.
  • The best colors to choose in lenses are grey, green or brown…and not red as some people think. A good way to check to see whether the color is the right one is when you put the sunglasses on, it should not change your vision of the environment you’re in. 
  • The two colors of lenses not recommended for you to wear are pink and violet and the worst (other than black) is navy. If you must wear sunglasses with these colors, wear them for a very short time and not in strong sunlight…or maybe at nighttime as some people do?

When buying sunglasses if the protection scale is only measured 1 – 4, choose ones that are 3 – 4 on that scale. May I add here that it is also beneficial for the health of your eyes to let the sun into your eyes regularly but for very short periods of time. It helps with vitamin D absorption.

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