Fitness Post – Special Considerations for Women in Weight Training.

The short answer to this question is there aren’t any. And although I leave myself open to a slight frown from the fairer sex in that I consider them to being close to a different species – being the father of three daughters and one granddaughter – the rules change only when they become pregnant. Being in my profession for over 45 years and having helped many women of all age groups achieve their physical goals the only consideration I make is to treat every single person who asks for my help as an individual, their gender irrelevant…

So every person who stands in front of me has their own specific needs and that is dependent upon what they want to achieve from their program. And most of them want to achieve a more athletic physique. Even though I think that this is an important consideration, it should not be their primary goal in that is only an offshoot of achieving some other specific athletic endeavor. It may take me a while to help them figure that out but I have always considered that it is not what you look like, but what you can do with it that is of primary importance. You will achieve your goals if you put your mind in the right place and place thoughts aside and actually do something.

If you desire something strongly enough your actions will speak that desire. Obviously this is important in all aspects of life because once you realize that you are solely responsible for what you have at present in your life because you continually manifest everything you have, you will achieve what you desire. (I’m not talking about certain life situations that are beyond your control, although your reaction to them is within your control.) This seems to have taken the subject beyond the original concept, but do not let gender be an excuse to achieving anything…and I use the example of the amazing feats of strength attained by women in Olympic Weightlifting here.

As I stated above, the only situation where there would be a consideration to gender is when women are pregnant because some exercises may be detrimental to the baby’s health. Look to expert and medical advice in this case…as well as common sense.

If attaining a more athletic figure is one of your primary goals then most exercise modes work as long as you do? The only situation where this would be your primary goal would be in the sport of Bodybuilding and even then if you desire a ‘winning physique’ you have to have a reasonable amount of athletic ability to achieve it and display it to it’s best advantage? But to achieve this type of physique any consideration to your health must go out the window as the end product is unnatural in nearly every circumstance…

So with both genders you should endeavor to attain…

  • Health and wellbeing in general
  • A healthy diet that is made up of only natural products (that has minimal human interference) and that covers all nutritional requirements.
  • A specific regime that covers all psychological aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
  • An exercise regime that fits your individual requirements.

Whether you think that the physique of the woman above is something you desire as a woman is up to you, just be aware of the consequences…

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