Health Post – 10 Facts You Should Know About Your Health

I want to reiterate some facts you should know about your health in case you missed my earlier Posts…

  1. The mind leads the body and if it is a fact that 70% of an average person’s thoughts are negative, then it has a major impact on their health. So positive thoughts will manifest a postive bodily response. The simplicity and the power of this knowledge is astounding but the majority of people miss this to the detriment of their health and potential!
  2. Disease should have a more accurate definition. Dis-ease is the body’s response to a toxic internal and/or external environment. So diseases such as cancer an heart disease should not really be termed as real diseases, they are a product or a symptom of dis-ease, not the cause of  illness itself. Modern medicine often misses the point in the cure of disease as it  only looks at the symptom, not the cause.
  3. Shamanic healers and Shamen say that modern diseases are caused by our disconnection with our environment and once we see this fact and act upon it that there would be no modern diseases and disharmony in our world. Because once we see ourselves as part of our environment and the environment as part of us (and therefore all animals including every other human being living on our planet) no disease or disharmony could exist?
  4. Let food be your medicine because the highly processed foods that most people consume on a daily basis is one of the major  influences on the health status of our populations at present. The very best food you can eat is the food you produce yourself but this is not always possible of course, so fresh organically grown food is the second best option (and added to this proviso is that it is also not genetically modified).
  5. Added to the provisos of the last paragraph is that the populations of the western countries overeat. Always be mindful of what you eat and how much you consume. Eating three meals a day is the mantra of modern dietary advice but this has only been in vogue for a little over one hundred years and one of the major reasons why there is a epidemic of obesity in the world. 
  6. The cause of a lot of diseases is that our immune systems are not functioning properly. This is the symptom of our overindulgence to using antibiotics. Our body is an amazing piece of biological machinery in that it is capable of healing itself if we give it the right environment to exist in. Modern drugs have only existed for about one hundred years and are highly synthetic which is toxic to our body and destroys our immune system. 
  7. One way to reboot your immune system is to fast for a 24 hour period once a week for at least 6 months. A much harder way is to fast for a period of 7 days straight to have the same effect. Obviously you need plenty of water within the fasting periods and check with your general practitioner if you have any health concerns before attempting this.
  8. Exercise regularly if you desire optimum health. The exercise does not have to be in a formal way but if you do not have regular bouts of exercise within your normal working day, add them into your work schedule by giving yourself regular breaks and walk. This is not just great for your health but you have a higher level of productivity within your working day.
  9. Stress and worry are all caused by your own personal reaction to the life that flows around you. Stress is natural but take responsibility of your reaction to it. Worry is a learned habit so practice the skill of observing your reasons to worry?
  10. Sleep and rest are imperative to great health. The only people that don’t need these skills are people who have the ability to ‘switch off’ at will, such as Yogis. Now I called them skills, but not by mistake. The concepts in paragraph 9 will give you the reasons why most people cannot rest or sleep properly. Once you learn the skill of controlling thought will you have the means of controlling your life…including getting sufficient sleep and rest. An easy way to measure this is to ask yourself about how you feel.

Now I have kept this brief and there will be topics I have not covered but I have written over 150 Posts on this website and you will find a lot of what I have covered here in greater detail within these postings.  I don’t profess to be a guru of health, but I have worked in the health and fitness industry all my adult life and have put a lot of thought into what I write about. As I constantly remind you…question everything, particularly what I write about…it’s your life after all and I take no responsibility for how you live it even though I care about it…

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