Health Post – Foods to Eat to Prevent Diabetes 

Last Health Post I covered some important facts about Diabetes but how do you prevent getting the disease? I seem to be a ‘stuck record’ in my advice when it comes to healthy eating but if we stick to the pattern of eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and get enough exercise we prevent ourselves from getting many diseases – including Diabetes. But I want to be more exact than this mantra because I only touched this subject in my last post…

As I stated last Post, Diabetics should eat like we all should, so the same rules apply to everyone. So let’s be more precise in our advice…

  • Stay away from highly processed foods as they have many additives and calories that place an enormous stress on our bodies, affecting the function of all of the systems and organs within. So called ‘healthy foods’ such as milk have so many additions to the natural product that they should be categorized in the ‘unhealthy’. Also a lot of processed foods are also have high density and therefore are foods that cause Diabetes.
  • Be aware that some fruits should be eaten sparingly because of their high sugar content. Fruits such as bananas, pineapple and mangoes come into this category and should not be eaten daily. You should only eat two or three fruits a day anyway and if they are berries call a handful one portion. Better to eat fruits in the morning – the first food you eat as it will be better digested.
  • Eat red meat only once or twice a week at the maximum. Far better to eat fresh red meat as well because many (but not all) of the processed meats such as sausages and salamis contain a lot of preservatives that our bodies just cannot digest properly. Better to eat fish if it is affordable or canned fish, but be aware of the quality of processing. Have several vegetarian meals during your week.
  • Be aware of the very high sugar content of fruit juices, whether it is added sugar or the raw varieties. Be aware that a small glass of fruit juice has the equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar in it and you miss the important fiber you need to support your digestive tract in breaking down anything you eat. Better to drink pure water and get used to it because fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar…but worse are the low or no sugar varieties which contain additives that your body cannot digest. Within the ‘fizzy drinks’ I place most of the ‘Sports Drink’ varieties as well!
  • Eat fat, although I suggest more vegetable fats such as what is in avocados and nuts. Eat a variety of seeds as well as they have plenty of the essential nutrients that other foods do not contain. Eat butter rather than margarines as they contain a lot of ‘things’ that our bodies cannot digest properly. Be mindful of not eating too much of any foods including the ones I have listed here.
  • Eat a variety of vegetables throughout your week …and this includes the ‘green leafy’ varieties as well as the vegetables of all colored types. Even though you should also eat seeds and grains, be aware of the type of breads you eat as most these days contain a lot of additives the body cannot digest! If you are going to eat bread it should contain organic grains, particularly breads such as rye bread is better than a bread that contains any other grain. Bread should not be a staple food that is eaten every day!
  • Foods you should also eat sparingly are cakes and biscuits, processed meats, sweets, and cheese. So you should treat these foods as ‘treats’ and eat them once a fortnight – not every day! But do not place guilt on yourself when you do eat them…
  • Alcohol in moderation is fine like anything else. One measure a day will not do you any harm…just ensure that it is one measure and not three! Be aware of what drinks you should only have as a treat such as the high alcohol varieties such as whiskey and liquors. Diabetics or people categorized as Pre-Diabetics should stay away from beer though, even though it has a lower alcoholic content as it has other additives that stress the liver, kidneys and pancreas. I know this is information that I repeat, but drink fresh water more than any other fluid.

As you can see, this is how we all should eat and not just to prevent Diabetes and other diseases or whether we are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic. I have been at pains to emphasize the stress that some foods place on the body, particularly with digestion because any inflammatory response our bodies produce means that it is under stress…that causes disease if it is consistent.

There is nothing new in this information but there is a lot of confusion because of misinformation through not all facts being exposed or distorted. The best advice I can give you on the subject is to do your own research if you feel you need to be more mindful about what you eat. 

The exercise you do should be something you do every day and throughout your day such as walking or moving of any mode and don’t be cast in a seated position for too long.

Question everything…

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