Health Posts – The Facts About Type 2 Diabetes 

Type 2 Diabetes is increasing to epidemic proportions and there is still some confusion about what it is, how it happens and the best methods to combat it. I gained these facts on the subject from one of the foremost experts in Europe about the disease to ensure that we have the facts other than hearsay – 

  • Diabetes is not caused by having too much sugar in your diet but by consuming too many high calorie foods in general. So just because you have very little sugar in your diet doesn’t mean that you won’t get diabetes. The confusion is that the disease has been called ‘sugar diabetes’ historically through there being excessively high levels of glucose in the blood. The receptors in your endocrine system stop reacting to control your blood glucose levels if you consume these high calorie foods all the time. You can be within a normal weight range and still have Diabetes. If you have an excessive amount of abdominal fat you have a greatly increased risk of getting Diabetes.
  • The experts now think that having Insulin to control your blood sugars is counterproductive because the key things in controlling Diabetes is to go on a diet and get enough exercise. They say that people with Diabetes use Insulin without changing their lifestyle…which is crucial in its control. A better medication they suggest is one that helps support the immune system.
  • Once you have the symptoms of Diabetes you’ve usually had the disease for at least 10 years because these symptoms take that long to manifest themselves so it is important to have a regular check of at least your blood glucose levels once a year after the age of 50. The older you get the more chance of Diabetes. If you have Diabetes when you are older you will invariably have underlying Heart problems as well. If your blood sugar levels are above 7, whether you have eaten something within 2 hours of your blood test or not, it is a sure sign that you need to have a full screen to determine your ‘memory glucose’. If you have done a fasting test and your score is between 5 – 6 you are prediabetic and it is time to make some wholesale changes to,your lifestyle…
  • So what should you eat? If you have the need to eat bread, then stick to true organic or rye bread and eat it sparingly. If you want to eat rice have only brown or organic rice. In fact, better to keep away from these two foods altogether if you are at high risk of getting Diabetes. You can’t drink beer or high-alcohol beverages. Wine is OK but only one measure a day. Pumpkin is good to eat as well as vegetables such as cabbage because they are ‘low density’ foods. Have meat only 1 – 2 times per week and better to eat veal, low calorie fish, or organic chicken and use a smaller dinner plate because you should cut your total daily calorie consumption to 1800 or less. You can eat any foods really but foods such as cake should only be consumed once a fortnight.
  • Your exercise levels should be moderate and a regular daily routine but not excessively intense.

Your life, your choice…

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