Fitness Post – Balancing the Body by Balancing your Brain

All of us don’t have a body in perfect symmetry but some people have a body that is obviously not. There have been many thoughts of how to create a more balanced physique but I would like to offer something that seems more than a little different in approach in fixing this problem…

There are obvious imbalances such as young people working their ‘mirror muscles’ – the ones that they can see in front of their body and forgetting about the muscles at back. There are also quite a few gym goers who work their upper body to the exclusion of sometimes their Core and more commonly their legs, but these are an easy fix…i.e. Do as many pulling movements as pushing movements, which would fix the ‘mirror muscle’ problem and work the core and legs first to fix the problem you see below. But what about the postural problem you see in the picture above and other ways we move with less efficiency?

The first step to fixing postural and movement problems is to become aware that there is a problem and even though people are told about this type of imbalance, they rarely do something about it until they continually get repetitive strain injuries and wonder why! There are spinal alignment problems such as Forward Pelvic tilt or more noticeably Forward Head Tilt or walking with an uneven gait and these are far more common than you think…it’s just a difference in degree of them when they become obvious that changes people’s attitude about there being a problem that makes the problem harder to correct.

The second step is to get expert advice and guidance and the third step is to do something about it. As I said above, most people only do something when ‘the horse has already bolted before closing the door’. There are many things you can do when you follow expert advice but I don’t want to cover these concepts here as they are complex and it would take a book to cover the subject…although here is something that will help you if you decide to work on these problems yourself…

Now most postural problems are caused by habit. (I say most but not all in that some people are born with some sort of physical deformity). In the ways we move we develop habits from when we are very young and if someone moves in a different way from the normal it is noticed. The way we sit, the way we walk and the way we move in any way is a habit we have maintained for most of our lives, but if we have an injury our body will adapt and move differently to compensate. If we receive the correct recovery methods we will change back to our personal norm. But a good percentage of people change the way they move permanently, and this can cause other problems further down the line…

We have a dominant side of our body and this is more evident in people who play a racket sport, for instance. But in our daily habits of anything such as brushing our teeth to the more complex movements in some jobs and sports have definite patterns to them. So to balance our brains, and the body follows the brain, we should look at using our less dominant side more. Therefore try to brush your teeth, eat with your knife and fork on the opposite side you are used to and even try to write with your less dominant side? Try to even write across the page from right to left. These simple, everyday tasks using your less dominant side are harder than you think! By using your less dominant side more it will rewire your brain and it will make you become more aware of your other habits of movement. This awareness is the first crucial step to improving your movement patterns if they are not correct.

There are many more benefits to using your less dominant side more, including the way you think and see things and therefore the way act. If you can see any part of your life that you desire to improve, including a more efficient way of moving, then this idea is worth some consideration?

As I have said many times…question everything…

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