Health Post – Does Negative Thought cause Illness?

In the 1970s my doctor who was also a good friend of mine claimed that more than 70% of his patient’s illnesses had a psychological basis. Now a psychologist, Dimitri Halley firmly believes that we create nearly all diseases by using wrong thought processes. Scientists now are proving that we create the world we live in, so if we see it as a world  full of negative happenings, our fear will create it…

Dimitri Halley contends that this influence of thought has been proven beyond a doubt through the findings of Quantum Physics experiments where the movements iof sub atomic particles are influenced by the observer. He sees that this phenomenon happens in every aspect of our lives – that we create everything we see by our very observance of it.

If this is fact through the findings of science then we must do two things to create a positive world – 

  1. That we must take responsibility that we have created the state our life is in at present. We can gain this perspective by ‘observing the observer’.
  2. We need to change by repetitive practice our thought processes if we desire to improve this present state of living. Firstly we should not see ourselves as separate entities to everyone and everything within our environment and therefore we will see and create a quite different world. That if we think this way we will create within ourselves a far wider ‘field of view’ instead of our present point of view. Once we can do this it opens our minds to a myriad of possibilities…

So when it comes to looking at any disease, whether it is the ones most feared such as Cancer and Heart Disease or the common cold, our very thought patterns in the fear of them eventually manifests itself and eventually becomes reality. Doctor Halley is not the only one who has this view as other scientists see that by controlling our thoughts we can change the present state of our world. They also contend that we are very much manipulated by the many influences in our lives and that most (if not all) of our thoughts are not our own. That ‘normal’ thought is not natural because if it was our world would not be in the state it is in at present…

Therefore if most of the influences are subliminal and our subconscious mind holds many beliefs that not our own, that we should start thinking outside this ‘matrix of illusion’ so that we can see what is actual reality and what is manufactured deceit. In health by manifesting thoughts of ill health we manifest ill health? That disease is a symptom of our negative way of thinking…etc.

Doctor Halley and others in his field see that we encase ourselves in a world of repressed memories – guilt of our past, worry of our future rather than investing thought in the present. 

But I beg the question ‘what of the disease of young children? This question may be answered in the toxic influences of our environment and that until young people can develop a level of free will their thought patterns are profoundly influenced by those of their caregivers and others within their environment.

I must admit to having many questions of this viewpoint but when doing so I must be cognizant of endeavoring to be as much as possible outside of so-called ‘normal’ thought and using other ways of ‘thinking’ by using what we term ‘intuition’…thinking beyond words to seek the answers…

I wake up every morning with the mantra ‘I am but a speck in the cosmos and I know nothing’  This is not a profound philosophical statement but a pragmatic point of view…

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