Health Post – Concern that Osteoporosis Drugs Cause Microcracks in Bone

I posted ideas about Osteoporosis recently. But I want to highlight the latest scientifically-based research that suggests people taking Bisphosphonates – a drug that slows down the natural aging process of bone – have far more microcracks in their bone tissue than normal. Osteoporosis occurs naturally as we get older in that our bones become weaker and are prone to breaking easily. Bisphosphonates are given to people who are at a greater risk of developing Osteoporosis.

The people most at risk are – 

  • Women over 50
  • Have family history of Osteoporosis 
  • Who drink more than 3 units of alcohol per day (know exactly what a unit is!)
  • Who don’t get enough regular sunlight
  • Who have broken a bone after only a minor knock
  • Who don’t exercise regularly (5 x per week for 30 minutes)

If you have one or more of these factors you are considered ‘At Risk’  – but the sliding scale of risk obviously increases with the number of factors you have. There are a few things you can do naturally that lowers your risk which I will cover later in this Post.

The source of my information is from BBC News and the research was done by scientists from the Imperial College, London. The results were the opposite of what they were expecting and the equipment they were using was state-of-art imaging devices. They found that there was a far greater number of microcracks in people who had been taking these age-inhibitors for a long time. 

A note a caution here is that there needs to be a lot more research done to prove their findings beyond a doubt, but just like all drugs you take, there are always going to be side-effects…but you should expect some sort of positive result along with these side effects?

So what you can do naturally instead of taking these drugs? There are obviously factors you cannot change but there is a lot you can do –

  • Exercise regularly but better to do exercise that involves some sort of jumping, which strengthens the bones better than exercise such as walking or gardening if you are at risk. In this case you could add skipping into your circuits or exercises that involve jumping.
  • I have stated before that consuming milk will not help as the calcium is not digested. I suggested an alternative that only costs you time – by adding a quarter of a teaspoon of crushed egg shells into your morning smoothie. You can read how to prepare this in a previous post.
  • Get enough sunlight by going for a short walk during your lunchtimes.
  • Control your alcohol consumption.

These are practical suggestions that seem logical, but be aware of any drug you are taking and be clear about all side effects. Most people take these drugs from a medical source without taking the responsibility to be informed about the side effects. Any synthetically produced product we consume is not natural and therefore has consequential side effects. The result of one or two primary medications they take for a medical condition they have the average over 60-year-olds in some countries take 6-9 medications a day. There are many lifestyle choices you can make to keep healthy without taking any medication. 

 If you are not over 60 you would presume that you are not at risk but the causes of many ‘diseases’start a lot earlier. 

Question everything, including the information of this posting and trust your intuition.

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