Health Post – Cure Yourself of Nearly All Diseases

The modern medical model is based on an idea that everyone should be within certain physiological parameters and be in homeostasis…it not based on science! This model has only been around since the 1930s and that you need the intervention of someone else to regulate your personal health homeostasis.

 So, is it working?

Just one example of a country that uses this particular model exclusively, in the United States of America the death rate of chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Asthma,  Cancer and Diabetes has nearly doubled since the 1990s. In the population of children within that country one of every two children has a chronic disease. In this type of ‘fear based’ health system if a person does not fall within certain physiological parameters they use toxo-chemicals to alter it.(just have a look at medical commercials within that country to gain an understanding of this.) But the USA is not the only country which has this health system that use drugs to control someone’s health and if you look at the statistics of an increase in age-related diseases such as dementia costs a lot of countries four times as much as Cancer does for example.

So if there is strong evidence that this modern medical system is not working maybe we should be looking an alternative system that is based on allostasis…where the body has its own innate ability to self regulate?

We have had the fear of genetic predisposition to certain diseases rather than genetic expression, which depends upon the choices we make in our lifestyles to control our own individual health. Perhaps we should firstly understand that there are three signals that our body gives us through our nervous system to disease and dis-function – 

  1. Through trauma in that if you physically impede the transmission of the nervous system there will be health issues associated with this because it is our Autonomic Nervous System that controls and regulates every system in our body. So through proper exercise and manipulation if necessary we can positively ensure that this does not happen.
  2. Toxicity and poisons within our environment can distort the signals of our nervous system and therefore negatively effect our health. This is through toxic food, other toxic chemicals and electric toxins within our environment.
  3. Negative Thoughts. It has been now scientifically proven that negative thoughts effect our health. If we look at one definition of health it would be that the ability of ‘our nervous system’s ability to accurately perceive environmental information and selectively engage appropriate life-sustaining actions.’ So if you constantly live in fear it will weaken your immune system. Think on the power of positive thought?

To control this you should steer clear of GMOs, toxic grains and commercial diary products as well as keep away from any other toxic environmental influences. Ensure that your spine and posture is in alignment, exercise regularly, ensure proper nutrition is met, get sufficient rest and use meditation (or prayer if it is more appropriate to you personally).

There is very little that is out of your control…if you desire? And all the work is in your mind.

3 thoughts on “Health Post – Cure Yourself of Nearly All Diseases

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