Health Post – Exercises for the Hips

People take the easy road when it comes to a remedy for hip problems as they age in that they select surgery as a first alternative and this is often not the best decision. People these days want the ‘quick fix’ and so want surgery on joints such as the hips when there is a better solution if they invest a small amount of time and effort each day to end their suffering. There are a simple set of exercises you can do that take 5 – 10 minutes and need no equipment – only commitment? If you want to fortify your joints and build up calcium naturally you also don’t need drugs either.

With osteoporosis on the rise in countries that have large milk consumption, drinking milk is not the solution because of the problems we face digesting it. There is something you can do to increase your calcium levels and the solution seems far fetched at first, but works. You can use crushed egg shells, which you usually throw away. To prepare them you just need to collect the egg shells in a container after cleaning them, then dry them in the oven at a temperature of about 80 degrees centigrade for 20 minutes. Crush them finely and use a teaspoon in your morning fruit smoothie. If you crush them finely enough you feel a slight grittiness, but it is a natural solution to getting enough calcium, particularly if you have joint problems. As always the choice is yours but I know it works because I use this solution myself.

The small series of exercises to strengthen and mobilize your hips are below. The first exercise is depicted in the photo above. You need to do 1 set of 5 -6 repetitions of each exercise and do them slowly. (The speed is to about a slow count of 5 in the positive and the negative parts of each movement.) Even if you suffer a lot of pain in your hips these exercises can be done without further damage and in most cases will save you painful surgery. There is nothing new in these movements, but they work if you do…

  1. Prone Straight Leg Raises. (Photo above) So lying on your front with arms by sides or wherever comfortable. Keep your hips on the floor and raise the leg to a comfortable height. Work at increasing the range when comfortable, but keep hips on the floor.
  2. Prone Bent Knee Raises. Same movement as first exercise but bend the knee of the leg you raise. Your head on floor.
  3. Supine Leg Raises. Do the movement as high as is comfortable but keep the knee straight.
  4. Supine Double Leg Raises. Knees Bent. Keep hips on floor.No photo for this one so start the movement with your feet on the floor and raise both legs keeping your knees bent up to where your thighs are about 90 degrees to the floor. If you go any further than this your hips will probably come off the floor and the exercise becomes a Reverse Abdominal Crunch, so don’t do this.
  5. Side Straight Leg Raises. Place both arms where you feel you can best stabilize your position. 
  6.  Hamstring Stretch. Hold a comfortable position for 30 – 60 seconds.
  7. Supine Hip Raises. Try to get your hips up to where legs and body are aligned.
  8. Finish by lying Supine with your legs straight and your arms by your sides. Relax in this position for about 60 seconds.

When I first started university I purchased a book that had these same series of exercises in it and one of my daughters used the same Exercise Therapy book for her Physiotherapy Degree…so these exercises have been around for a long time. They are simple, but effective. If you work at them they will work for you. If you have older family members or friends who have Hip problems….or older people you know who have mobility issues these exercises are excellent and safe to do. 

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