Health Post – Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Children Bread

Bread has been a staple in our diet for a long time but what is in bread today has changed dramatically over the last generation and you should know exactly the differences so that you can make an informed decision before cutting it out of your diet entirely or not?

But just think about the side effects people suffer today  eating bread as compared with our parents and grandparents, who suffered none of these effects… Below are seven reasons for this difference and why you should cut bread out of your diet altogether.

  1. Firstly the main ingredient wheat was grown in an ecologically different climate a couple of generations ago as compared with today. Wheat was grown and harvested naturally and was not Genetically Modified, there were no chemicals added to it, there were no pesticides added to the soil and therefore the soil quality was a lot higher -therefore this base product was of a lot higher standard.
  2. The flour from wheat in the old days was not so refined as it is these days where all the nutrients are refined out of it. Wholemeal flour was used back then and the biologically active part of the wheat, the kernel as well as the bran along with their nutrients was not removed as it is now. Refined flour has become an empty food, with none of the nutrients it used to have.
  3. To purify the wheat in the old days it was sifted and therefore there was a lot of waste in producing white flour. These days they add Chlorine Dioxide and Potassium Bromate as well as a synthetic folic acid to produce the same effect. These synthetic products are said to be the cause of certain cancers, particularly bowel cancer!
  4. The yeast they use to make bread these days is called Thermophillic Yeast because it speeds up the process of producing bread. Not only does this synthetic yeast contain over 50 raw materials but the bread dough contains a far greater concentration of yeast than our body can naturally cope with. Our immune system becomes compromised in that there is incomplete digestion when the bioclimate of our gut is imbalanced as a consequence.
  5. The introduction of GMO wheat in the 1960s has caused dramatic consequences. This has been one of the major causes of obesity as the bread produced actually increases our blood sugar more than pure sugar! The other health consequences are early onset baldness, acne, speeds the aging processes, rheumatoid arthritis, bowel cancer, cataracts,irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.
  6. There is now a far higher concentration of Gluten after the introduction of GMO wheat. It is a sticky protein and it’s higher concentration compromises food absorption. The consequences of this are swollen belly, constipation, loss of hair, brittle nails, itchy skin, chronic tiredness, migraine and much more. In children there is also be a delay in growth and speech, a higher incidence of Autism and poor memory.
  7. Lastly the bread on your supermarket shelves contains a lot of preservatives to increase its shelf life. This increases the incidence of obesity, heart problems and also effects our metabolic system. The Shortening in modern bread, which makes the bread softer, contains transfats and is produced from palm oil and soy oil. This can be another cause of cancer.

Please do not take my word for it but cut bread out of your diet for one month experimentally and see whether you feel any different? If you simply cannot do without bread look around to find healthy alternatives such as flaxseed products, products that contain maize or products such as rice crackers?

Your choice, your life…

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