Health Post – Facts you Really Need to Know About Coffee

Coffee is a great ‘pick me up’ but there are some facts that you need to know that may be life saving!

Firstly you need to know that there are two parts to a coffee bean: at the surface of a bean is the Caffeine layer and beneath is the layer that contains a substance called Theobromine. For those who use instant coffee please understand that most of the Caffeine layer is processed out of it and it is used for other products including the caffeine drinks and medicines. So if you are using instant coffee to pick you up any positive effect is purely Placebo as it only contains about 5% caffeine. And because most instant coffee doesn’t contain a lot of taste, people will tend to use sugar with it, which gives you the pick-me-up effect if there is any?

If you drink real coffee the caffeine works straight away and the effect lasts for 20 – 25 minutes. Caffeine closes the blood vessels in all organs of the body except for those in the kidneys, which dilate. So blood pressure rises in all organs except in the kidneys. This increases blood circulation in the kidneys therefore has a diuretic effect (you need to pee). 

The other substance in real coffee (which constitutes most of instant coffee as previously stated) theobromine, only starts working after 25 minutes. It has the opposite effect of caffeine in that it drops the blood pressure in the kidneys (some people may feel a heaviness in the kidneys at this time) and this is the time when most people feel drowsy. This is why it is important to drink water at this time to dilute this effect at about 25 minutes after drinking to negate this lack of energy. In a study done on road accidents involving truck drivers in Europe it was found that most happened at about 25 minutes after they had had a coffee break. It was concluded that one of the major contributing factors was the drowsiness they felt after drinking coffee.

If you want the pick-me-up effect you should drink tea as it contains caffeine, but no theobromine.

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