Health Post – Living with What you Need

Have you ever been in the situation of having to move to another location and being shocked by how many ‘things’ you have accumulated? Having moved halfway across the world we certainly were and it took six months beforehand to get rid of a huge percentage of what we had…but when we were doing a ‘spring clean’ recently we noticed the build up of possessions again…

It’s not just about the possessions we have that affects our wellbeing but what we eat and just climbing out of the season of overindulgence, the extra weight we may have put on is more ‘baggage’ the body has to contend with that it doesn’t need! So what is this need to accumulate? We seem have to this innate need to want more and whatever we possess is always ‘not enough’… that what you want personally in a necessity and what someone else wants is greed? 

Maybe what you are looking for is an infinite expansion?

For through physical means there are boundaries and our longing to reach beyond our current position and is limitless so if we wish to get out of this way of thinking we must look for something that is beyond any physical boundaries. (These are not my words).

There was a famous experiment with rats (there always is!) where they divided them up into two groups and cut down one group’s consumption of food drastically and left the second group to consume what they always had. They found that the group which had a controlled consumption lived a lot longer than the group that had no control. Obviously the conclusion was that we don’t need to eat anywhere as much as we do.

This fact has been emphasized when looking at human populations in times of starvation in wars and when comparing the eating habits of peoples who are not influenced by ‘modern’ overindulgence. I have already stated in a previous post that these peoples don’t have the modern diseases that plague the so called civilized populations. So if to wish to live a healthier life be far more conscious of your food consumption.

As far as accumulating possessions is concerned, be more conscious of what is a need and what is a want. Having only recently reached this way of thinking we have shed a great psychological burden which may be worth considering as far as mental health is concerned? Everything you have gained from both physical and mental means is what you have acquired. So you should work towards experiencing life to its fullest by experiencing in the present…experience the journey by not placing the emphasis on the destination? Become attached to the involvement in living each moment rather than entangled with any personal gains? If you wish to reach this ‘peace of mind’ look to how you can serve, not with what you gain and be grateful of what you already have?

These are questions, not answers. Question everything by taking the stance of knowing nothing…

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