Fitness Post – The Package of Performance 

If you want to achieve anything in life to your utmost potential you need to think that you are worth the effort …and therefore you need to take a close look at what effects your performance. So in exercise or achieving some physical goal, there are some factors you must take into account to reach ultimate success.

In my early books on conditioning for team sports I talked about the package of performance. Firstly you need to be very specific about what you want to achieve and at least write it down. After that you should write down how you are going to reach your goal. This way you will be more committed to it. What mindset the mind creates the body will follow…after all you are the sum of your previous thoughts and this obviously works both in a positive and negative direction.

Think BIG, think beyond your present limits but know what steps it will take to reach your ultimate goal/s. Your self-limiting believes will set you on a path of mediocrity. This way of thinking is the essential ingredient.

So what are the other basic ingredients to reaching your goals?

Certainly I will reiterate that you must have a plan and in achieving physical attainments you will need the help of a professional conditioning expert who understands how to set up a specific program. You need to look at other ingredients such as scheduled patterns of rest which are an integral part of your program. You need to look at getting good quality sleep in this case. You need to look at nutrition and ensuring what you put into your body covers your nutritional needs. You need to ensure that you have a balance and that you think of the other parts of your life such as social and family needs as well as making a living. You must ensure that your general health is covered…and to understand that all of these factors add up to a healthy lifestyle.

One factor a lot of people do not take into account is their spiritual needs …and here I do not necessarily mean being part of a organized religion – although for a number of people, this may help. But this factor is a part of being in the right mindset to reach your potential and this includes having control of your emotions…and a feeling that we are all part of a universe and it is part of us. This gives a grounding of defining who we are. This will help controlling stress levels and how we deal with all the other parts of our existence that life throws at us.

This is what I mean by package of performance by defining the parts that make the whole. It may sound complex and overdone at first glance but this is where you measure as to whether you want mediocrity or ultimate attainment?

As always, the choice is yours…

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