Health Post – Three sure ways of giving up smoking 

Everyone knows how unhealthy the habit of smoking is but I found when doing Cardiac Risk Profiles over the years that many people had tried a myriad of ways to give up without long term success…

Below are three sure ways of giving up smoking. If you smoke or a friend or family member has tried and failed at kicking the habit these ways have been proven to work.

  1. This method has been used very successfully in Australia although it has had mixed results when tried in Eastern European countries. This simple method uses association with colors as they put cigarettes in an olive green container. People associate olive green with death, which puts them off smoking and has been used very successfully there. The cost with this method is minimal and uses a natural method rather than drugs – which have their side effects, so is worth a try?
  2. This second method is also very effective but dangerous and I only mention it to forewarn you to steer clear of it. People say that if you smoke cigarettes backwards, I.e with the filter end outwards, you will very soon give up? The danger of this method is that it can cause damage to the throat and lungs. People have given up because they experience a burning feeling as they inhale the smoke which puts them off the habit but the side effect is probable major damage to the soft tissues of the respiratory tract!
  3. This third method is considered the most successful and is natural and has no known side effects. Before people light up all they need to do is swill with milk. They don’t need to swallow the milk but the change in their taste buds has a dramatic effect in the taste of the smoke they inhale…in that it tastes horrible! All they need to do is to carry a small container of milk with them and within two or three days this method puts them off smoking completely. They can repeat this method if they take up the habit again… Maybe the only side effect is that they could get a taste for milk…but milk is a very highly processed food that causes many low grade allergies because the raw product is really only designed for baby cows and the processing has its own side effects!

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