Fitness Post -Creating a Positive Mindset

How we see the world around us is distorted by what we are taught, our assumptions, our biases and our opinions…we create our own unique reality. So no one has a monopoly on what is truth. The voice inside our head does not stop and our thoughts lead our body. If we want to achieve our desires we must learn to control our thoughts.

As an Olympic Weightlifter this fact was very clear, so we used techniques to think positive thoughts and used our imagination to visualize succeeding in what we wanted to achieve. And it took practice as it is a skill like any other. We can use this skill in any part of our life and nothing is more immediate than what we see. It is an important concept to understand because even the way you feel alters what you see. But seeing is also passive and controlled by emotion so we must learn to use our intellect to overcome particularly the negative emotions such as fear…

As a personal trainer I work on the mind of my clients as much as any other tool so that they achieve their desires and once they experience that feeling of controlling their mind, everything else literally falls into place. So I work on setting up situations where they experience gaining control of their minds by showing them how we create our own realities. 

This is the secret to succeeding as a coach or a mentor. I teach them to gain control of their mind by getting them to confront their fears, be accountable of all their thoughts while exercising under me and getting them to understand their strengths and accept their weaknesses. I slowly build their confidence by keeping on reminding them of their successes (no matter how small) and to be grateful of what they have achieved.

Mind control is essential if they desire to reach their potential. It is that simple. It is not ‘rocket science’ but understanding that it is a skill and practicing the skill by observing the thoughts that create the reality is the only way to do it.

Question everything but use your intelligence not your emotions in doing so and understand the tricks our sight and mind plays on us in creating our reality…

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