Health Post – Scientific Proof that Fasting is Healthy 

I remember hearing that fasting was healthy for you back in the 1970s and thinking that the idea was crazy because the underlying paradigm was that three meals a day was a healthy way to eat. But this idea has only been around for a comparatively short time and with the exponential increase in obesity and the subsequent increase in modern diseases we should rethink this paradigm.

Now there is scientific proof that fasting is healthy in that it cleans out the ‘cellular rubbish’ and rejuvenates an organism. A cellular biologist from Japan, Yoshinoni Ohsumi, gained a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for “discovering the mechanism of autophagy”. Autophagy means ‘self eating’ where a cell clears out dysfunctional components which build up in cells when an organism is under stress through starvation.

We eat too much and most of our food is deficient in many of the essential nutrients that we need for healthy living. Staying away from processed foods and understanding what is in (even) the fresh foods in our supermarkets is important if you desire a healthy diet. In a recent post I explained about intermittent fasting and its health benefits. My wife and I have developed a habit of fasting one 24 hour period per week and are starting to feel the health offshoots of doing so. We did it for two reasons: to help ‘reboot ‘ our immune systems (the cleaning part) and for brain health (the rejuvenation part.)

We, as a human species, don’t need to suffer the many ‘modern’ diseases we do by understanding what is natural as compared with what is normal and listening to the reaction of our body as it digests the foods that we eat. So even if you get intergestion after eating a certain food, know that it is not good for you. If you don’t have plenty of energy for everyday living do some research on what the makeup is of the food you currently eat. If you don’t sleep well then part of the reason will be in your body’s reaction to the food that you eat (as part of your general lifestyle). If you desire to get rid of certain allergies you have, know that cure is at your fingertips in trying intermittent fasting. And if you don’t feel that you have the time to do this please take the responsibility of the results if you think this way…

As I have stated before the body can heal itself of any disease if you let it. Part of this is understanding the way we work.

It’s not what we know that is most important but the way we think if we desire health and happiness…

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