Health Post – The Power of Sound in Stress Reduction 

There is an enormous amount of power in sound…far more than you would think…unless you analyze it properly. Think about the way certain types of music changes the way you feel?

I have been interested in this for a long time and have written a novel that revolves around the power of sound in Shamanic healing practices, particularly with the power of the voice in the many chants they have. You can get an idea of this if you listen to Georgian Chants. The Shamanic Chants tap into the body’s immune system the same way that certain breathing techniques do…which is another idea for a Health Post.

But now there is scientific proof about certain music and the effect these musical patterns have on the physiology of the body when someone is under a stressful situation. In the study the subjects were asked to decipher puzzles which caused them stress at the same time as being attached to monitors that measured their blood pressure and heart and breathing rates. They were then asked to listen to music that was specifically designed by psychologists and musical technicians to relax them and there was an astounding 65% reduction in their stress … just by listening to an 8 minute recording of music!

Just imagine how much more relaxed you would feel if you were stressed for some reason before you went to sleep, but listened to this tape beforehand? You can get this tape through The research was designed by Mindlab International and the music is designed by Marconi Union and called ‘Weightless’. Try it and see what effect it has on you. It costs nothing.

Stress kills and one of the biggest physiological results of stress is the effect on your sleep. If you don’t sleep properly you don’t function optimally…both physically and psychologically. If you wake up and don’t feel refreshed you haven’t slept effectively. Control your stress by controlling your mind and other than certain psychological practices such as meditation and living the knowledge you have of how the mind works, there has been little out there that has been scientifically proven that can have an immediate effect until now. Taking drugs to relax you have many side effects, so trying something natural is worth far more to you than what you think….

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