Health Post – Think Yourself to Health 2

Sadhguru suggests that to gain control of thought, you must realize two things. One is that we are only one breath away from death and therefore there is a frailty to life. The second thing is that are each only a minute speck within a minute speck within the universe as we know it as this gives a perspective f who we are. Once we gain an understanding of these two concepts we start to live to our full potential. He also believes that we should gain an understanding that we know nothing…and once we do this we develop the ability to be an attentive observer to everything we experience.

In thinking this way we can take the opportunities that come our way to expand our consciousness everyday which we usually miss. And in this way of thinking we can learn about what is reality and what is assumption…for our knowledge is not genuine unless we live it as it should be part of who we are. (We fill the gaps of our knowledge of what is reality with assumptions…which are only part of a river of thought which is a story we make up about who we are.)

He says we must learn to climb out of this story to be able to observe consciously.

As far as health and wellbeing is concerned, we must learn to live each moment as it arises as it is the only thing we truly possess. We must also realize that we live in an amazing ‘machine’ that our bodies are which extend far beyond the physical shell as it is part of the whole universe and not just our immediate environment.

All we experience is energy.

We must become equanimous …which is the key to reaching our full potential. In simple terms we must become at ease (peaceful and with exuberance) so live life the way it is supposed to work and do the right things so that the right things come to us.

In health terms if you are ‘at ease’ life will be a lot easier. Life will still come at you, but you will be able to handle the negative situations in a positive way.

These ideas seem to be more philosophical at first glance, but if you can look at them without judgemental thoughts, emotions or assumptions they make practical sense….question everything …consciously…

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