Health Post – Think Yourself to Health 1

The picture above is of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The picture at the bottom is of Eckhart Tolle. Both have pragmatic ways of talking of health that are worth considering…

I have talked about the importance of making most, if not all of your thoughts positive if you want to improve your health. This is a very ancient way of looking at health which we have got away from in recent times resulting in the increasing risk of the so-called ‘modern’ diseases.

‘The body can cure itself from all ailments.’ This is a statement that a huge percentage of the world’s population do not believe. They would be absolutely right in this belief because the body follows the mind and your underlying paradigms control the way you think!

Your body completely regenerates in seven years but in only a year the body you have today will be at least 95% changed. So if your body follows your mind you have to change your thoughts to improve your health status.

I will call this a different way of thinking as compared to the normal.

But normal is not natural.

We all view the world differently. Obviously all other animals see it in a completely different perspective as compared to humans. But we have an imaginative mind that can devise the many tools that extend our abilities and our senses. This ability gives us great advantage over other animals. But our major tool, our mind, also can be a road block in developing ourselves to full potential and creating our utopia. We are slowly destroying our world by our inability to get beyond habitual thought and are mostly governed by our negative emotions.

So to change our world we must change our way of thinking and this always starts by learning to control thought.

Erkhart Tolle’s ‘eureka’ moment to change his world was when he realized that he was two people. This moment was when he was in the depths of despair saying to himself “I cannot live with myself anymore!” This gave rise to the thought that everyone is a duality – someone who is the superficial thinker, thinking in habitual patterns and the other an observer of thought. It is this observer of thought who must take control of thought if we wish to change the negative and destructive ways of thinking. This is how we improve our health – psychologically, physically and spiritually. 

To do this he suggests that we be the attentive observer of thought. Next Health Post I will outline how Sadhguru suggests we do this…

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