Fitness Post – Staying Healthy while Exercising

Fitness and health go hand in hand….right?

Not necessarily. Exercise is something we should do if we have a sedentary lifestyle – which is most of us these days but it can be overdone and it is only one aspect of health. So it is important that you understand this idea and maintain a balance in how much you should do.

A lot of young clients want to exercise more, particularly after they have got used to exercise but I used to have to monitor elite Rugby League players with their volume of exercise constantly because they tended to overtrain. I also pushed the fact that their conditioning program was only as good as the food they ate, the rest they got and a positive mental attitude. 

It was easy to spot fatigue as it shone through their eyes and the way they moved. After asking a few pertinent questions I inveribly found that they may have four practices and two full games a week plus they ate an imbalanced diet and didn’t get enough sleep. A few times their answer to my telling them that they were overdoing it was life was for living and they the type of people who liked a busy lifestyle in trying to fit a social life into all else they were doing. So it is important to develop a balance in how much is enough…

I used to ask them the question of how they felt and they said that they were tired, so I tried to instill into their psyche on listening to what their body was telling them. Once they understood the concept they used to tell me that they were tired before I started their session. I also endeavored to instill into them how important good quality sleep and periodic rest periods throughout their day. Getting them to eat properly was the hardest concept to instill. Remembering the saying that ‘Let food be your medicine’ is just as important as all other concepts in staying healthy in exercising.

Although getting them to have a positive attitude was a lot easier because of the type of people they were, harder was getting them to think about maintaining balanced flexibility, a concentrated mental approach before they exercised and getting them to understand the concept that they needed to understand what they were doing and why they were doing it.

All these concepts are important in the package of performance and staying healthy in exercising…

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