Health Post – Prevent and Cure Diabetes Naturally 

15% of the world’s population has Type 2 Diabetes and in some countries that figure is closer to 25% and rising! This constitutes an epidemic! If you take insulin it decreases your lifespan by one third. There are ways that you can prevent this disease and also cure it naturally if it is only Type 2 diabetes. Here are some ideas…


  • You need to control your emotional stress because there is a large loading on your energy levels if you suffer chronic stress. Look to ways where you gain control of your emotions. (I have covered this in previous posts). The next two concepts are related to this idea –
  • You need to control your cholesterol levels.
  • You need to control your blood pressure levels.
  • You also need to control your physical stress and this is related to your lack of exercise throughout your day. It does not need to be formal exercise in this case but your incidental movement. Doing this will stimulate your blood circulation.
  • You need to control your food stress by eating natural, non-processed foods. Specifically if you have a prediabetic condition you should stay away from potatoes for although they are a natural food they increase your blood sugar quickly. Even if you are not prediabetic you should moderate your consumption of potatoes as you would any other food (variety in moderation).

All of these concepts are interrelated of course but they are a guideline to prevention.


Firstly, you need to be patient because this is a six month process and a lot of people will want to take the faster route by using medication… but this way has many side effects that don’t have to happen if you decide to commit yourself to this natural way.

  • If you want to drop your blood sugar quickly to gain a positive start to cure diabetes you should fast for 1 – 2 days. But this is only the start to this process and not the cure (although now it have been scientifically proven that regular fasting has many health benefits…which I will cover in subsequent posts).
  • Eat at least 5 small meals throughout your day. The first meal an hour after getting up and the last an hour before sleeping. Believe it or not, you will eat less this way.
  • But control two things in eating this way – your carbohydrate consumption and your eating time should be no longer than 10 minutes (remember that these meals are small!) Within this 10 minutes consumption time the complex carbohydrates that you eat do not enter the blood stream – which is important when you add the next part of this formula…
  • After you eat you should exercise at a low to moderate level (could be a walk, manual activity including house work). This way your blood sugar levels will not rise but actually drop as your muscles will use the blood sugar within your bloodstream first. If you add some sort of mental activity to exercise your blood sugar will drop an extra 20%. This could be in the form of a hobby that involves at least standing rather than sitting? The physical activity should last from 30 – 40 minutes if possible.
  • Add to this by using natural ways to detox your liver.

As you can see, it involves a commitment to this formula to work and if you have diabetes or even a prediabetic condition you should ask yourself the question as to whether you, your health and your ongoing relationships with family and friends are worth the effort? I say this with love and respect and because most people do not think so? Success at anything in life comes down to this measure of self worth…If not, then…

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