Health Post – A Demonstration of the Power of the Mind

In this example a question was asked as to whether a placebo drug (sugar pill) would work if you knew it was a placebo? 

Short answer is ‘Yes!’

The study was done by Ted Kaptchuk in a medical Centre in Boston using 97 patients who suffered chronic back pain. They were given a placebo drug after it was explained to them how placebo drugs work and there was a substantial drop in pain and increase in mobility….even though they knew it was only a sugar pill!

The pain they suffered was real, not just a figment of their imagination. So how does this work? The mind can produce it’s own natural pain killers, which was the reason why there was a drop in pain level. Even though the patients knew it was an inert pill they were taking there was still the expectation that it might help so there was the corresponding biological response in the drop of pain.

This is another demonstration of the mind/body connection but this should be of no real surprise to you when you consider your own biological reactions to your mind state. You have felt the body’s response to any intense emotional state, even when it is just your memory of a certain event giving you the same biological response. 

So your thoughts can either cure you or kill you. A good example of this is that when ill patients are told that they only have three months to live, most will comply! So your thoughts of today are your future! Change your thoughts if you want to change your world. Change the world we live in by changing how you think. 

There is some excellent material out there and an example of this is the information given out free by people such as David Hamilton and some excellent material on YouTube by Doctor John Bergman….and many others. If you feel that you need to change any part of your life all this great information will mean absolutely nothing to you unless you live it…

I deliberately kept this post short because the message is simple, but the key to any success you desire in your life!

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