Health Post – Bulletproof Your Immune System

Biological Scientists measured the life expectancy of sparrows: one group that lived in a city and the other group that lived in a natural forest and found that there was a profound difference between the two groups. The average life expectancy of the city group was two years, but by comparison the forest group lived an average of twelve years! Even though there are many other factors that effect humans, this study shows a startling difference in the quality of life within the toxic environment of a city as compared with a natural environment. So what do we need to do to give us a greater chance of not getting the modern diseases such as Heart Disease or the many forms of Cancer?

We all can’t live in the country side that is  uneffected by the toxic interventions of humans as there are not many places in the world that are not. The people who live in these so-called Blue Zones of the world live a life that is in tune with the natural elements of their environments , the natural time patterns and although they live simple lives if compared with city dwellers, their lifestyle is relatively free of stress. It is their mindset that is the key to this happy,healthier lifestyle.

Here are some very basic ideas to help detoxify your body and your mind…

  • Let food be your medicine. If you cut sugar out of your diet altogether you are well on the way to curing most cancers for instance because cancer is not a disease but a symptom that your immune system is sick. You also should stick to whole foods in their raw state, that are not genetically modified and best to stick to organically grown foods. I say organically grown because the high level of pesticides in our soils kills off the bacteria which plants use as their medium to digest the nutrients within our soils, therefore most vegetables within supermarkets are deficient in the trace elements our bodies need to stay healthy! Some sources say that people should fast regularly which has been proven to help in the recovery from cancer ( I will expand on this in a subsequent posting).
  • Reduce your exposure to the toxins within your environment such as the everyday chemicals that you are exposed to, electrical toxins, the toxins within processed food and the poisonous chemicals within medications. Included in this is our exposure to antibiotic drugs that weaken, rather than support the immune system.
  • Balance your energy by getting enough good quality sleep and rest. The best measure of this is not a number but how you feel when you wake up. Ask yourself the question as to whether you are still tired or not?
  • Heal your emotional wounds. This is a far more important one for most people because they do not know the profound effect it has not their health. So if you carry any regrets or resentment it will weigh you down mentally. Get these weights off your back by finding ways to rid yourself of them and see how much better you feel! (If you want to get an idea of this just think of a past situation that invokes a high negative emotional response…just the thought of this has that effect!)
  • Use a juicing regime that gives you the many nutrients that you may be missing out on through your normal nutritional methods.
  • True prevention is by the methods of blood tests that measure the nutrients that your body is deficient in. By ensuring that you have got the requirements your body needs, you know this fact without guessing. Here is where you need to research to know what you require.

There are many natural products and methods of building a bulletproof immune system. The most important thing to understand is that you must consider you’re worth the effort to achieve this state of health…

I have only touched on this topic here so I want you to consider gaining a complete understanding of what you require by researching anything else you need to do…

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