Health Post – Toxic External and Internal Environment 

So this is an important concept to understand if you want to take responsibility for and have more control of your health. As I said in the introduction to this topic of strengthening your immune system last week, if we have a strong immune system we wouldn’t get sick. All animals in the wild can heal themselves against ailments by natural means and we can too.

We are killing the planet through our destructive behaviors and making the environment toxic through the many ways we pollute it and this includes pollution that we cannot see. By this I mean the electrical interference of our modern appliances and this is because we are energy beings as our auras extend way beyond our bodies. (If you don’t believe in this concept, take it from one who can see people’s auras to a very small extent in my world it is fact.) I also include noise pollution as the different frequencies we are exposed to effect our wellbeing as much as any other pollutants.

If we also look at things such as the use of certain plastics that we use as containers of consumable goods, the toxic substances within our highly processed foods, man made fibers that are in our clothing and within our homes, the unnatural chemicals within our medications, the poisonous substances we fill of air and waterways with – we live in a very poisonous environment.

Two weeks ago I talked about controlling thought and I have said several times that 70% of our thoughts are negative and this fact must therefore obviously effect our health? Now this is so-called ‘normal’ behavior but it is not natural…in fact some would say that it is ‘insane behavior’ because this behavior does not happen with other wild animals of our world. (And they do things that maintain the balance of their environment where we do things that destroy it!) The only other animals that display this type of behavior is when they have contact with humankind…so our thoughts can cure us, but also can kill us!

Some would ask the question as to why young people and infants get diseases such as cancer, but you don’t need to go beyond anything I have said above to understand the reasons for this. Diseases such as Heart Disease and Cancer are a symptom of our toxic environments and this is the cause as these diseases are our body’s response to these behaviors. And here is the most important concept to come to grips with if you want to gain control of your own and your family’s health…

Next posting I will cover ways that you can gain this control…it’s not ‘rocket science’ so why do we not adhere to these principles?

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