Health Post – Building a Strong Immune System – Introduction

Health is a state of being that needs to be worked at and ill health is a symptom that our immune system is not functioning correctly. For if it was, we would never get ill!

We probably think that we are a lot healthier than people of a few hundred years ago but the fact is, in places in the world where living was simple and not effected by the by-products of humanity, people tend to live a lot healthier and longer lives…and have done so throughout history. Modern living does not produce a healthier existence and although modern medicine can prolong life through surgical and drug therapies these therapies do not improve quality of life. Lifestyle does…

In some of these older lifestyle societies they say that the reason for our ill health is that we have lost touch with the natural world. We don’t honor the natural elements and our bodies cannot cope with the unnatural foods, the unnatural way of existing (in that it is measured by the clock rather than night and day and the seasons), and the very toxic environment we live in within our huge cities and the raping and pillaging we do of our worlds natural resources…produce our ill health.

All this has its effect on our bodies natural systems and most of all effects our immune system and this can be seen through the proliferation of the modern diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease and Cancers. These are a symptom of our way of existence and even some of the treatments decrease  our ability to fight basic illnesses such as colds and flus by basically destroying our immune systems.

If you want to build a stronger immune system then this series of posts will give you the means to do so. You must take responsibility for the maintenance of your own health, it is your body and your life after all.

In this small series of postings I will cover natural methods of building a stronger immune system to combat our toxic environment…

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