Fitness Post – What is the Best Exercise?

The short answer to this question is any activity that you enjoy because you will normally have long term compliance with it. But this is a bit simplistic. 

Some say that swimming is an excellent activity as it places less strain on your joints, although this activity may not be very practical for some. There could a lack of a local facility and a lot of people cannot swim…although they could learn, so this is not a viable reason?

Some would suggest that being a advocate of Yoga, I would push this or some similar exercise mode such as Pilates or Tai Chai. But I only use this mode as a preventative measure to preserve whole body mobility and strength. It is an excellent exercise mode, but it has to fit into your own philosophies of living and I contend that a lot of people spend far too much time with it anyway…

I have done resistance exercise for over 50 years, so you would think that I may push this exercise mode? It has been measured as one of the best modes to preserve mobility and strength, particularly as we get older. The proviso I would stipulate here is that you have to know what you are doing to gain the most out of it and not to injure yourself. So don’t overdo it, improve at your own pace and get expert advice.

I placed a post in a few weeks ago that suggests that there are many reasons as to why we should not exercise? But our body is built to move and unless you have a natural pattern of lots of movement in your day, then this idea is impractical for most. Our way of life has changed dramatically over the last 50 years and most children in Western Environments do not move enough. A health posting I had last week suggests that the movement areas that most children move within has decreased by 90% since 1970! I think most people see exercise as a physical maintenance activity but it is far more than that! It is part of the experiences of life and cognitive development and this includes the experiences we have far beyond childhood. So children ‘play’ and adults ‘exercise’ but they really are one and the same thing?

So the best exercise is really several different concepts and should not include just one time in your day that you set aside to do a specific exercise routine…it is movement throughout your whole day and it is a mindset as much as anything else. Walk at least part of your way to work, use opportunities to move throughout your working day and have bouts of movement during the rest of your day (part of this could be house maintenance or the basic housework).

You always have got time to move.

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