Health Post – Digital Dementure Virus 

With all the technological advances you may expect that children are getting brighter but the opposite is the case! Researchers have measured that children of 11 years of age today struggle to do the same level of problem solving that 8 year olds did a few decades ago…

Digital Dementure Virus is an actual disease and its appearance happened when there was an explosion of the electrical communication devices available to the general public…such as cellphones and IPad. In 2007 a Child Psychologist noted the increase in children who suffer from lack of concentration, memory loss, a low level of self control, cognitive impairment, melancholy and depression. It was discovered that this disease – which shows similar changes in brain functioning such as a person who has suffered some sort of brain trauma and early Dementure is a real threat to our young children’s health.

Statistics reveal that a 7 year old European child has spent an average of 1 year of their life using electronic communication devices and by the time they are 18 they have used them for 4 years! If we take into account that our brain functions are the same as they were thousands of years ago then the use of such devices is detrimental to the health of modern children. Why? Because the brain needs to be developed in a certain pattern in that all thoughts, actions and experiences leave an imprint so that children need to experience the physical world around them for the correct development to take place.

A British Professor of Psychology, Tania Beron says that the space around a child’s home has shrunk by 90% since 1970 so that manychildren rarely experience the real world these days. She says that they have lost the ability to climb trees or how to run in the rain and they they have also lost the art of verbal communication because they spent hours using their Smartphones. The brain develops when it receives  outside stimulus and modern children are not getting enough from the real world. If the brain does not get this stimulus it dies. 

Children need to have tight controls on how much usage they have of their computers and cellphones as they cannot turn them off, particularly at night, therefore they also do not get a healthy amount of sleep. These days they don’t need to remember facts because they can readily find the information on the internet. The effects of this disease can be reversed by limiting the time they spend in front of computers etc. Top computer executives are at the forefront of controlling the time that their children spend in front of computers because they understand the dangers of the overuse of these devices. 

Other controls you can make with your children are – not to allow them to have these devices in their bedrooms, to have a complete break from computer usage in the weekends and help them to develop a hobby or enjoy sports or recreational activities. The younger you start these controls, the easier you will find implementing them. You may suffer in the short term by bringing in these controls but it will pay dividends in their futures…

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