Health Post – Controlling Thought…

Our world is something we can have control of because how we think is how it is. If you want to control the world it must start from within. Ekhart Tolle’s ideas in his books and in his talks have gained some interest and even influential people such as Opra Winfrey have extolled the virtues of his teachings…

So what does he say…

That the present moment is usually overlooked habitually as people live for the future or live in the past, which is normal but insane behavior…because the present moment is all we actually possess and this is where our future lies. Some of his ideas can be hard to get an understanding of but if you want some control of your thoughts – so you can live by design rather by accident then these ideas are worth pursuing?

He doesn’t like using a systematic way of controlling thought but he gives a guideline on slowing down thought by learning the skill of being in the present. He contends that even though meditation methods have some merit most people don’t have the time to sit with their eyes closed in a meditative state for 20 minutes at a time and twice a day. He sees that using the times in your day where you are comparatively idle to bring your mind into the present. Below is a five step sequence of doing this. These steps don’t have to be in the sequence described and they can be done simultaneously…

  1. The first step is to be aware of your surroundings by looking at and acknowledging what is there and the sounds you  hear.
  2. This acknowledgment and the finding of something beautiful in anything you sense slows down your thinking.
  3. Next ask yourself whether there is anything else there other than what you can sense. Most people are always within the grip of compulsive thinking or their attention is on the many technical gadgets we possess…which take us away from the present moment. A lot of the information we have is useless to us as we don’t live it and we don’t know the mental state of alert awareness because our minds are filled with our compulsive thoughts. Once we rid ourselves of the importance of our thoughts do we gain a degree of silence and calmness.
  4. Next sense the subtleness of being alive. Feeling the inner and the external energies. This feeling anchors us to the present moment and takes us away from our rivers of thought.
  5. The fifth step is to discover the spaces that we all have between thoughts. This is where we discover exactly what it is that is our true nature. This is pure consciousness –  not within our own stories as a person but a deeper dimension.

This may seem ‘heavy’ stuff to take in but if you find yourself within habitual and repetitive thought patterns finding the present moment throughout your day will give you an inner peace that you maybe looking for. Personally these times give me a glimpse of my creative self that is within all of us. The difference with this mind state is that we will have control of it and the ability of stepping out of our story and into a higher level of thought (super consciousnesses) or what some would term the universal consciousness.

Question everything to attain an open mind…

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