Fitness Post – The Positives and Negatives of Yoga

Yoga has been increasing in its popularity during the last 20 – 30 years as an exercise medium for the masses not just for monks and ‘alternate lifestylers’but most people still see it as just an exercise medium when it is far more than that. 

So what are the negatives and positives of choosing such a medium? A note here is that I have used yoga stretches for many years and I still do a specific yoga stretch routine every second day and as part of a warm up and cool down for my personal circuit program…so nearly every day. The reason for this is because of the importance of mobility in my chosen sport of Olympic Weightlifting and the increasing need of maintaining this flexibility as I get older…

Negatives – 

  • As I stated above, Yoga is far more than the exercise routines in that there is also a part of it that helps with mental focus routines in the many meditations and thirdly there is the spiritual enlightenment practices. Most people only see and use the physical development of Yoga, do they miss out on the balanced approach to true yoga practices. So see Yoga in its entirety if you desire to gain the most from it?
  • I have specifically used the two pictures in this post to show the best way to get most out of individual tuition as compared with yoga for the masses…which is how most people do yoga. Coupled with this there has been many modern variations of the classic yoga routines and exercises – including ‘Hot Yoga’, ‘Nude Yoga’ and the many specific types of yoga to choose from. Classic yoga uses only a select number of poses which develop both strength and mobility in a balanced way and should be done with only a few in each class so that person attention can be given to each participant.
  • If you do the many free routines you can choose from the Internet you have got a greater chance of injuring yourself as people will tend to overdo the flexibility to keep up with the demonstrators. There is no specific control in progression with these routines. So before you do these routines it would be best to have a series of classes that cater for a few participants  with a qualified instructor who gives you individual guidance.
  • Don’t get caught up in the hype of the modern yoga practices…

Now some positives – 

  • Four out of five adults have suffered back and joint pain at some time of their lives and yoga is a sure way to balance the body and stop this unnecessary suffering. I reiterate that you need to get expert tuition to ensure you obtain the correct routine that caters for your individual needs.
  • Seeing yoga from a holistic point of view in covering the individual needs of everyone will gain the best results as far as improving and maintaining great health.
  • The key to gaining the most from yoga is concentrating on balance in its entirety of meanings and looking into what you need from it personally. (And I repeat myself purposely here to get the point across!)

I take the stance of the holistic approach to yoga personally but like to participate in other exercises modes when I can…as long as I can see a health benefit of them.

Keep healthy and question everything…

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