Health Post – Developing the Creative Mind

Creativity as a single concept is simply a way to improve the way we do things and we all have the ability to see things in a new way. A study conducted in measuring creative ability of young children found that 98% of 2 – 4 year olds were highly creative and by the time they reached 7 years of age that percentage had dropped to 2%! The reason for this dramatic drop is that this skill is conditioned out of children by their parents and the education system…

When we think creatively we tap into our super conscious mind and get ideas outside of our own experiences. Our ability to think creatively never actually leaves us as it lies dormant until we learn how to use it again. The more we use our mind creatively the more we rediscover our natural creative ability…

So how do we rediscover this ability?  

  1. The creative mind works effectively if it has very specific goals – the ore detail it has the more effective it is. So define very clear goals and write them down as this reinforces your intentions.
  2. If your desire is to create something extraordinary in your life believe – or better still know – that you are destined for greatness.
  3. This clarity of definition and the decisiveness in your state of mind will release ideas and energy from our super conscious mind (sometimes defined as the cosmic consciousness and energy field).
  4. Stick to one major goal at a time if you desire to fast track the system.
  5. Be excited and positive about the outcomes of your goals because the more you keep in this state of mind the better results and the faster the outcomes.
  6. Practice the mind skill of focus so that there is less chance of ‘monkey mind’…in that your focus is powerful.
  7. Don’t force things in accepting that the outcomes you desire will happen when it is the right time for you.
  8. Our super conscious mind has the ability to take us through the obstacles/failures we have on our journey as lessons we need to learn. Always keep in mind that these disappointments are there for a higher purpose!
  9. Have 100% trust in your ability in achieving your goals and this will keep your focus on the positive outcomes.
  10. You will know that you are on the right path when things happen in a coincidental way…when you do things by instinct…when your thought patterns are an easy flow of ideas…and when you always affirm your small achievements. 

All the ideas above are important but not as imperative to the success of your goals as taking decisive action when intuitive ideas come to mind. You will be able to visualize the timings of events clearly and concisely.

These are only words that mean nothing if you don’t have clear ambitious. Question but accept everything. Your desires can be anything in life…not just the artistic…

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