Fitness Post – More on the Positives of Exercise

Maybe that last fitness post on the  Positives and Negatives of Exercise was slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ but the scientists of Physiology did have some valid points. Mainly, to choose the exercise mode ‘educatively’ and ensure that you always take your health into account.

Having just talked to a friend of mine who takes his Multisports events seriously, his last blood test indicates that he is on the edge of training himself into ill-health with the amount of work he is putting his body through. I have been through this scenario myself and may I reiterate that you should even be more ‘in tune’ with what your body is telling you when you are exercising at an extreme level. The fact should be made clear that this level is not healthy for you and your body and mind will tell this in so many ways…I.e. – you will not be able to sleep well. You will always be tired. You will have mood swings. You will lack the mental sharpness that you usually have. You will have aches and pains continuously… to name a few of the symptoms of your body being ‘over-trained’.

But what of the health benefits of exercise that I would like to emphasize here?

I see two clear benefits – 

  1. That having a healthy level of exercise and exercise mode that suits your body and energy type is a ‘fountain of youth’. It keeps your muscles in tone and your ‘internal engine’ running efficiently. It also has the psychological benefits in feeling good about yourself…although some psychologists contend that we have this concept the wrong way around…that if you feel good about yourself you will make the effort to exercise daily and eat natural foods etc. An arguable point perhaps? Obviously exercise helps with stress relief to a certain point and the opposite may be true that you will exercise well if you are less stressed? Suffice to say, exercise has more health benefits than negatives…
  2. A point that I did not contend in my last posting is that exercise is great for brain health as that it is a proven fact that regular exercisers have less chance of getting brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Better blood flow to the brain is one of the health benefits that is commonly understood but also after exercise there is a lot lower blood sugar, so there is a  greater chance of being in ‘starvation mode’ which has a positive effect on the physiology of the brain. This a important point to consider as long as you don’t put into your body the sugary energy drinks as they are counterproductive to this effect!

Look at exercise as part of an overall healthy lifestyle and do not make it another stress on your body and you can’t go far wrong.

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