Health Post – How to Think?

I had an interesting experience when I posted an article called ‘The Truth about Cancer’ on Facebook and got a few negative responses, particularly from people who have cancer and my answer was that cancer is a byproduct of a toxic internal and/or external environment. My guess is that they thought that I was placing the blame for cancer upon their shoulders from the caustic responses I gained from that statement. And it is far from my actual thoughts on the subject…

In fact, most of the external toxicity is due to many factors that we can do little about – whether it is the chemical and/or electrical pollution in their many forms – including the high level of processing of our food and also including the preprocessing of so called ‘natural’ foods with its Genetic Modification! (It has been measured that 80% of food from the USA has been Genetically Modified?)

 I haven’t the room in this post to go into why babies and young children get cancer but a major factor would be the unnatural environment that a large percentage of the world’s population  live in? I say this because cancer does not exist in the populations who live in natural environments… But the main purpose of this post is to look at the internal environment – to what goes on in our minds as it also has been measured that 70% of our thoughts are negative – and I contend that this is not good for our health?

I have stated before that our world is what we think it is (and these aren’t my words) so if the majority of our thoughts are negative, then our world is? If most of the population think this way, then it only goes to reason that the world is going to be negative. For the measured 5% of the population who are considered ‘successful’ (in that they living their desired life) they think differently.

It has been said that ‘if we knew better we would do better’ but with all the books and films on the subject of self improvement the strike rate would surely be better than it is? (And only less than 1% of the population are considered very successful!) So all these words are just wind if you not only say them but know them and this knowledge is only true knowledge in living the words you speak.

The world is full of people who have intelligence and talent…and potential but this potential is only realized by the very few. The key reason for this fact is because people don’t know how to think (and sometimes thought actually gets in the way of success when thought goes around and around in circles without going anywhere). Simply put, all you need is passion and persistence. That is – find something that you have a passion for doing and don’t give up on it until it works. Understand that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail to achieve your goals on the way…that each failure you have along the pathway to success is just another lesson learnt until,you succeed. Aim for being the best you possibly could be at what you do and never accept second best.

If you desire to be that very small percentage of people who succeed it would help to read a book such as ‘A Bug Free Life’ by Andy Shaw. If I can finish this post by going back to the reason for it and for those people who have life threatening diseases …change the way you think and change your life I.e. Observe all thoughts to gain control of them so that you can control your body and educate yourself as to the causes of your disease so that you can give your body its natural ability to heal itself

These are my words…question everything…

P.s. The picture above depicts a person that finds thinking difficult – the person below (from Dreamstime. com) depicts a person who finds no stress in thinking – now this is another subject within itself but suffice to say that thinking should be easy if you let it?

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