Health Post – The Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease and What Can You Do?

I have already covered ideas on memory loss recently but I want to cover this disease specifically because it is on the increase and one in five people will get it! The choice is yours as to whether you want to live fully for the last twenty years of your life or just exist in a vegetative state?

Simply, the root cause of Alzheimer’s Disease is Anthroscerosus or a hardening and thickening of the artery walls and in the brain (or the major blood vessels leading to it) this can cause a stroke if the disease develops too far. If this doesn’t happen, then there is a slow degeneration of the blood supply to the brain and this leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.

The most important thing to understand is that to stop this from happening you need to exercise and to use your brain. So make your body and your mind work! Also chronic stress for long periods of your life will increase your chance of developing this disease by 65%! This is an easy fix by training your mind to live in the present and not worrying about things that happened in the past or thinking of something that may happen in the future…as I have said before, that the only reality and possession we have is existing in the present.

You also need to feed your brain with the full variety of nutrients from natural foods, but particularly Omega 3 and Walnuts. Exercise needs to be done daily and this only needs to be walking for 40 minutes but a better exercise for people as they age is some form of dancing – because both the mind and the body must work in unison and the mind must be in the present.

Most people stop learning as they age and by the time they are 35 years-of-age their mind and habits of thinking are set in place. Now, the mind and the brain don’t like doing anything new as it takes some willpower and a lot of extra energy, so we tend to do things the easy way, i.e – by habit and without a great deal of extra thought. 

So just like the body, you need to exercise the mind. These things can be simple tasks that you do every day such as brushing your teeth or shaving, or eating using your knife and fork in the opposite hands. If you really want your mind to work and open new neural pathways in the brain, try writing with the opposite hand and even writing backwards using both hands? If you stick at it for a short time and everyday, you will improve dramatically! (Along with the skill of writing). Other simple tasks you may like to try is to dress and shower with your eyes closed?

So, think outside of your square. Learn a new language and if you really want to develop new ways of thinking, try changing  the culture, language and country you live in when you retire from your normal profession? Open your mind to new possibilities…which is beyond most people’s comprehension?

Always question what I or anyone else says…this also takes some power of thought?

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