Health Post – How to have a Peaceful Life

Anger and other negative emotions are a natural response to negative situations in your life…as much as happiness, love and other positive emotions, but if you don’t process them they will do damage to your health.

Road rage is becoming all too present and the reason is due to the higher level of stress in the modern lifestyle. This frustration in driving situations is merely a symptom, not the cause. It should be understood that whatever level of stress you feel it is your own internal response to life situations. Once you take the responsibility of your own emotional responses, you are on the pathway to a peaceful life.

Being peaceful is a fundamental requirement of life and not an achievement. All too often I have heard people say that all they want is a peaceful life as if it is some destination – if you view it as that then only death will give you that? Don’t get me wrong: anger, fear,  frustration, overwhelm and other negative emotions should be accepted as normal to certain situations in your life…because life happens…they are valid emotions and you should tell yourself that when you experience them – but they must be processed within your mind, otherwise they will effect your health.

Any stressful situation will invoke a stress response within your body and in our past this ‘flight/fight’ response was a natural defense mechanism. These days these life-threatening situations rarely happen, but we still have this response where the stress hormones such as Adreneline and Cortisol increase our heart rate, elevates our blood pressure and boosts our energy supplies readying the body to make a defensive response to some percieved threat. If we hold on to these stress responses for any length of time beyond 10 – 15 minutes, then these heightened bodily conditions will damage our health.

So, what can you do to help you process these emotions…which in our modern lifestyle are caused by three major factors – workload, money or the feeling of the lack of it and caring for your family?

  • Accept them as part of life but don’t hold on to them
  • Use some sort of meditation that suits your own personal way of looking at things
  • Use relaxing music to invoke your relaxation response to counter the stress response
  • Learn the skill of sleeping effectively (I have given some ideas on this subject in previous posts)
  • Use a tea such as Camomile for its natural calming qualitities
  • Learn to laugh…such as children do, so don’t take life too seriously

If you are not into meditation or as an addition to this medium of relaxation to help you process any negative emotion you may be haboring, take a walk in nature if can and do it regularly. This reconnection with the natural world will help you find the peace you are looking for. You will find everything has a balance to it and you will find a space in your life that is beyond time.
Note: if you have some deep seated negative emotions that you have had for a long time, it would be best to find some professional advice and counciling to give you the perspective you may need?

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