Fitness Post – The Importance of Setting Goals

No matter what level you’re at and where you want to head to, you must set very specific goals to succeed. I have stated before that vague goals give you vague results and only 5% of the population set goals. Less than 5% are successful at anything they want to achieve in life…believe it or not, less than 1%! – and this is the main reason why true, sustained success in all parts of your life is something that is very elusive…

Yes, the underpinning paradigm is a feeling of self worth…and in the effort you make in achieving your goals, you have to consider that you are worth that effort, but no matter how grandiose or small your goals may be, they have to be well defined. Obviously I am relating these ideas to fitness goals in this instance, but they have to be clear, concise and relating to a positive outcome.

If the unconscious part of your mind does not agree with your goals, you will not achieve them. You may have a seemingly unattainable end goal in mind, so to get around that, set smaller goals at first that you KNOW you can achieve. That knowing is the key to unlocking the door to achievement. If you use the term believing, belief is not a stronger enough term it that it still has an element of doubt in it, so change your words to KNOWING.

Now, knowledge is not true knowledge unless you live it? We are taught many things in life and a greater part of that knowledge is either wrong or not used and this is the concept that I desire that you understand in accepting the fact that knowledge has to be part of you to be true knowledge. This premiss is also imperative in its understanding in achieving your goals.

These ideas can be looked at in a negative light as well. In other words, our life and our world is the way it is as a sum of what we have already thought and our underlying beliefs. If you see your world as negative, it is because of these thoughts and paradigms. So change your thoughts and you change your world if this is the case?

So, to make things clear if I have lost you in the sentences above:

  1. Make your goals clear and concise – and commit yourself by writing them down
  2. Develop the knowledge that you are worth the effort
  3. Set attainable sub goals keeping in mind your ultimate goal
  4. Knowledge has to be lived, so that everything you do goes towards a positive outcome
  5. See yourself as only achieving a positive outcome – develop the habit of keeping the vast majority of your thoughts positive

Simple? Too simple? …..question everything, but tune in to your intuition to find the answers. Yes, I have stated that before, but I feel it necessary to repeat it…and remember that life is a journey, so enjoy the journey and see your goals as destinations that once achieved, move on to other journeys towards other goals.


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