Fitness Post – Why Change is Important to Progress

In Change here, I’m not inferring to move in a completely opposite direction as the photo shows – but it is imperative to continually make changes in your program (whatever you do and whatever your level) if you want maximum benefit from it!

We don’t like change – at least our mind doesn’t because it likes to keep us in the comfort zone because it’s safe – and our unconscious mind always steers us towards safety. Whether we think it or not, it is our unconscious mind that is running the show as even though we think that we have made a certain decision, our unconscious mind has already made that decision long before that! By the time we are in our mid-thirties our mind is set in a particular direction which is seemly hard to change, so if you have a certain program and enjoy it, it takes a great deal of mental effort to change it. As I have stated before, I have known many people over the years who have been doing the same exercise routine for years…even decades…and wonder why they are stuck in a rut?

I was fortunate in competing in a sport that required you to change your routine consistently when I was younger so I have the mindset to make periodic changes in my exercise regime – but it still requires effort to make those changes, so I build the changes into the routine…changing the exercises every month and the patterns of exercises every three months…so changes are part of the pattern. Then it becomes easier within my mind to continuously change. I still have to make a conscious effort to change though. So why change?

Very simply put: it has to do with the Adaptation Principle. The body and mind makes the adjustments to cope with a different stimulus placed upon it and you will understand that you can cope with a change after the initial three or four weeks of starting a new exercise routine. This is when you should make changes as your body and mind have already adapted! So every four to six weeks, change your routine around – particularly when it takes you out of your comfort zone – going against your normal mindset. Your instincts will have already told you this but people use thought rather than instinct to control their life?

Why use instinct? Because it never lies to you where your unconscious mind does continuously.

Simple explanations never seem to satisfy people – so always question what I say, but use your instinct in finding the answers…

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