Health Post – What Health Effects of Overcleanliness? 

In a recent study on the incidence of Type One Diabetes in Finland they discovered that there was a correlation between the increasing numbers of children with this disease and the socioeconomic area they lived in. Type One Diabetes usually happens in children and early teenagers and the study discovered that there was a far greater risk of having the disease in the children of the higher level socioeconomic areas than the children from the lower ones? One of the major conclusions of the study was that the higher incidence was due to the Overcleanliness in the lifestyles in the children from higher socioeconomic areas. 

Even though it is too early to say that there is a definite correlation between these two factors and that there may be other contributing factors, there is strong evidence that the use of products such as antibacterial soaps play a part in this and other health problems. The other contributing factors such as the overuse of antibiotics and the unnatural foods that wealthier families consume also must have a part to play. There is also that the overuse of vaccinations against the flu or the common cold weakens the body’s natural immune systems and it is this weakened immune systems that is the cause of a lot of the ‘modern’ diseases , including cancer and mental health issues such as the increase in the incidence of autism.

Young children have an average of ten illnesses a year and in adults the average is two per year. These illnesses help the body build up its own defense mechanisms and this is natural. When you ‘play’ with these natural defense mechanisms by using vaccinations and antibiotics you change the body’s functions, therefore weakening the immune systems. The evidence is getting increasingly stronger against the use of these unnatural interventions and while it is important for people’s health that they keep themselves clean, it is the overuse of the cleaning agents such as antibacterial soaps that is worth far more investigation? 

The same mantra of regular, daily exercise, eating real foods and understanding the importance of thinking in a more positive way continues to crop up when you need the right formula in combating these modern diseases. But why don’t people get the picture? It’s not ‘rocket science’? 

We have to rid ourselves of the ‘quick fix’ mentality if we are going to beat these diseases. If you told someone that to rid themselves of a particular disease that they had two choices: either make these simple lifestyle changes or that they could get the drug from only one place on earth, e.g. Madagascar…they would go for the drug 98% of the time!

It is the change of mentality …or our ways of thinking…that is the key to beating these diseases. It is that simple!

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