Health Post – The Best and Worst Foods for the Brain

Our modern lifestyle which includes poor nutrition and lack of adequate exercise negatively affects our brain metabolism and therefore function. We live an increasingly toxic environment that includes eating foods that are not natural and this comprises of the foods we would normally consider natural. Here I mean foods that are genetically modified. 

I have stated previously that particularly the two factors of poor nutrition and lack of exercise are major contributors of all modern diseases as that these diseases are really only symptoms of this root cause. We pay too much attention to these symptoms rather than spending our time and thoughts as to the causes, and this includes the medical community? Modern doctors have very little training in nutrition…perhaps a few hours within their time of training, and this is a major contributor to the ignorance about what foods are actually good for us and what are bad for our health!

The best diets that are good for brain function are the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash Diet because they contain foods that feed the brain with the right nutrients. These diets are more considered Cardiovascular Diets than for brain function but they are as good for the brain as they are for the heart and cardiac function. Everything is connected.

The brain functions on glucose only and so the fruits and vegetables in these two diets caters for that. So other than this very important fact, I will list some other specific facts about foods that are good and bad for the brain…

  1. Cholesterol is as bad for the brain as it is for the heart. Now this fact is not as simple as this last statement, but the type of cholesterol that is bad for the heart and arteries is also bad for the brain. So specifically this is the Low Density Lipoproteins. Some medical sources divide these Lipoproteins into even more specific groups, but I have covered this subject before. Also keep away from the Transfats that are in a lot of processed foods as well as deep fried takeaway foods.
  2. Fats that protect the brain are the facts and nutrients found in fish and shellfish. In particular Salmon and Sardines found in nature are the best (so wild fish!) Also red meat and chicken are good for the brain – but only eat these meats sparingly (twice per week). 
  3. Other foods that are good for the brain are eggs, nuts and seeds. Also green leafy vegetables, particularly spinich. 
  4. Avoid most grains as most of they are generally highly processed. An interesting fact as to the reason why restaurants give you free bread is because  restaurant patrons who consume bread are five times more likely to order desert if they have bread or alcohol first? 

The average child eats an extra 700 calories more than they did in the 1960’s and 70’s and in the USA 46% of adults are obese! This number is increasing along with the associated diseases. The number is also increasing in the incidence of Type 3 Diabetes… Which ‘drowns’ the brain in insulin, majorly affecting its normal function! Artificial foods such as High Fructose Corn Syrup are ‘pesticides’ because they are completely artificially produced and up to 70% of the synthetically manufactured foods contain it. Other ‘pesticides’ are highly refined carbohydrates such as white flour and white sugar. If there are two types of foods that you should completely eliminate from your diet, it would have to be these two if you want to control your weight! Keep away from them as they are highly addictive?

The photo at the beginning of this post gives you an idea of what is good for you. I have given you an idea of what to avoid. The choice is yours…..

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