Health Post – What About Memory Loss?

There are two types of Dementure: injury-related Dementure in brain trauma through accident or playing a contact sport; or Alzheimer’s Disease where the Hippocampus part of the brain is effected. Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disorder where injury-related brain Dementure is not. (Even though there are serious health consequences for both!)

Very briefly, a short explanation Alzheimer’s Dementure as it is a condition that effects people as they age, but the damage happens a lot earlier than you think! There is also an increasing incidence of the occurrence of the disease. The Hippocampus part of the brain is centered under the Cerebellum – the large, spongy part you can see. It is an old part of the brain where functions such as our circadian rhythms (wake/sleep cycle); emotions and memory is stored. So the major symptoms for Alzheimer’s show themselves when a person’s sleep is effected; they have mood swings and they lose their memory. Contrary to old knowledge about the development of the brain, we are not born with a finite number of neurons (brain nerves) but we continually replace the damaged ones until the moment we die. The best way of checking to see if someone has Alzheimer’s is to get them to have a brain scan.

There are certain lifestyle practices that we can do that will slow, stop and even regress the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease to a certain extent – and these are the same practices that we can do to ensure that we cut our chances down from getting any other of the so-called, modern diseases as well…

So exercise and diet play major rolls in ensuring our continued health. Regular exercise where you increase your heart rate and move the body through all dimensions is something that we all can fit into our lifestyle. Particularly with Alzheimer’s, doing some sort of resistance exercise is of even more benefit.Exercise is the key to developing new brain cells. (85% of children don’t exercise as they spend a huge part of their time in front of the computer!)

 Eating natural foods that don’t cause any allergic reactions and cover all the micronutrients the body needs for healthy function is the only option if you want to maintain good health. Keep away from any processed foods including highly refined carbohydrates as these foods are toxic to the body and particularly the brain as for its function it needs carbohydrates, but these it can get from fruits and vegetables. Eating the correct diet will make you feel good, and you will not get the brain fog that you will gain from artificial foods!

Three-quarters of the population are sleep deprived and there are many things that we do during our day that sabotages our sleep. Children only a couple of generations ago got an average of 10 hours of sleep a night and at present that is down to 6 hours…and sleep is essential to natural healthy development, both physically and mentally. The best basic way to describe why we need sleep is that it is a time where the brain ( and whole body) gets rid of the rubbish that is built up during the waking hours. Set yourself up properly for sleep by seeing the bed as a pleasant place to rest in and keep away from any electronic devices at least a half hour before you go to bed.

Lastly and also very briefly, looking at Stress and how it will effect your brain health. If this natural system of coping with emergency situations is overused, your brain will select a bodily system to take out the stress on: it could be your Cardiac system, your digestive system or your nervous system. If your ‘Fight/Flight’ system is not ‘turned off’ because of chronic stress, the body doesn’t get into a restorative phase and there will be a breakdown of the selected system! As Dipak Chopra said, ” Every cell in your body is eves-dropping on your thoughts – make all your thoughts good ones!”

This is very much a short overview of the practices you can develop to give you a better chance on keeping your memory sharp for your whole life. I haven’t touched on having a closer look at as to whether you live in a toxic environment. There are more and more people who cannot remember the last 20 years of their life…how sad is that!

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