Health Blog – Seven Actions You can take if you have Cancer

I have stated in a previous post that cancer is not a disease, but a symptom that your body is diseased in that your immune system has malfunctioned! So it is not the cause, but the effect? If you have cancer or someone from your family or friend who has got cancer, then there are seven important actions you can take to recover from this state.

Firstly I would like to point out that it is a modern disease and there are communities around the world who do not suffer cancer. I have just looked at Ty Bollenger’s inspired series ‘The Truth About Cancer’ and although this series places the blame on particular organizations my major reason behind writing this blog is to help you empower yourself to take the responsibility for your own health…it is your life after all. The cause of this state of cancer is either due to a toxic internal or external environment…for many reasons, but here is a list of seven actions you can take to either recover from or prevent this state.

1. Let food be your medicine. Eating a real food diet is an anti-cancer diet. Keep away from synthetic foods…things in packets, sugar, white flour….any highly processed products. Don’t tell me that you don’t like real food as you are telling me that you don’t like life itself?

2. Detox yourself or your loved ones. This is not some product that you can buy off the shelves of a pharmacy but reduce your toxic exposure. If your environment is effecting your health, if possible change it. If not, reduce your use of electronic devices or toxic chemical agents.

3. Balance your energy. The experts say that a good 70% of modern societies are chronically sleep deprived. Sleep and rest are a necessity of a healthy life as the body needs to replace and recover. I will cover the science of sleep in a subsequent post but critically, people don’t set themselves up for healthy sleep..including children between the ages of 7 and 18 who get an average of 6 hours a night as compared with 10 to 12 hours a few decades ago?

4. Heal your emotional wounds. Carrying Resentment or Regrets is a loading on your body which is directly effected by the words you say to yourself and the pictures you paint in your mind according to Marica Peer. Use a form of daily meditation that you feel comfortable with and learn the skill of observing all thought.

5. Understand your Biological workings. The more educated you become on how your body and mind work the more ammunition you have got to arm yourself with ways of taking inspired action. Don’t place the responsibility of your health into anyone’s hands, including your family doctor or Oncologist in the case of Cancer, other than your own!

6. Understand the power of The Small Things. By this I mean the power of herbal remedies (which have been around for thousands of years) and vitamins and minerals. Understand their natural sources and what your particular environment is deficient in and make sure you get the vitamins you need…but not by artificial means if possible.

7. Understand True Prevention. By continually updating yourself with any new and relevant information and by monitoring yourself through how your body is reacting to any changes you make in lifestyle and by blood tests. Understand what the test results actually mean by asking the pertinent questions of the person monitoring you.

I have been very brief here and you may not find any new information within this post, but nothing is new and nothing stands still in life? You can find far more comprehensive information through the series I have quoted above.

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