Health Post – Healthy Aging – Meat

A hungry man holding a knife and a fork ready to eat a stack of raw steak
Humans started eating meat when they began hunting and some nutritionists advocate that it is a poison that cuts our lives short! But what is a scientific explanation of fact?

Meat is made of protein, several vitamins and fat and contains important nutrients that the body can only gain from this source. There are certain elements that the body needs to replace itself…which it constantly does, so it needs a variety of foods to be able to do this. One of them is amino acids that the body needs to build protein and vegetable sources of food do not provide all of these.

In about the year 2000 scientists were saying that we need to have more meat in our diets but when you look at several races in the world – particularly in Africa where they have a vegetarian diet, you find that they don’t have the diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease and Cancer? They also don’t have large intestine problems, diabetes, and other related diseases.  On the other hand, meat contains iron, which helps to produce our red blood cells and if our iron is low. If our iron is low, this affects our immune system, which causes these diseases. So what is the truth?

Scientists think the problem is that the iron in meat, when it oxides in the body in digestion causes inflammation and it is this inflammation that causes heart problems. So where is the balance?

If you look at other races such as Eskimos who eat mostly meat and fat, yet also have none of these so called ‘modern’ diseases there must be a simple solution?

It is best to treat eating meat as a delicacy to be eaten only occasionally rather than as an everyday food. Historically red meat was only eaten this way and a maximum of once a week. If you take the example of races such as the Eskimo, who eat meat everyday their intestines are far shorter, so there is less chance for the meat to rot in their gut because of this adaption. This fact is the reason there are so many health problems with other races in that the gut is too long.

Another fact you need to consider is that in the physical development of most humans they have found that children who are vegetarians are behind mentally as compared with meat eaters? There are 30,000,000  vegetarians in the world and one in three are pushed back to eating meat because of certain health problems that are prevalent when only consuming fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

So finite answer to this question? Eat meat once or twice a week at the  very maximum. The best source of meat is the meat from wild animals as there has been a lot of human intervention in the production of meat from domestic animals (injection of hormones etc.). Most Western diets contain more than twice as much of meat the body needs. It really comes down to individual choice and tolerance, so listen to your body’s reaction to the amount of meat you consume.

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