Health Post – Healthy Aging – THE Secrete to Success


I can bet on you hearing this before but this picture above covers it, although it doesn’t say a lot? There is a whole industry out there telling you what it is, but if you look at the success rate of the people who have watched the movie ‘The Secrete’ or read those hundreds of books you would think that it would be better than only less than 1%!

I have said in my Fitness Blog that Marsia Peer thinks that the biggest road block to success is that people don’t think that they are good enough. She tells people to write down the words ‘I am enough’ somewhere where they can see it at least once a day – and that could be on their bathroom mirror? Another thing she talks about is that our individual worlds are created by the the words we say and the pictures we make in our minds. I agree with these statements but I would like to go a step further and point out that you should select these words and pictures VERY carefully!

Some people are successful in one or two parts of their lives although this does not give them the feeling of absolute fulfillment. One of the statements I would like to make is that when I became New Zealand Olympic Weightlifting Champion in my weight class was that I just didn’t believe, but KNEW for certain that I would do it. Why? Because the knowing was in the living or being the knowledge I had at that particular time.

I think that it was the great Tommy Kono who told me that to be a champion you had to act like a champion and that the Universe will provide you the wherewithal to a live it.

But I would like to point out several words from the last two paragraphs and explain them because the right words plant in our minds the secrete to success. Two words are ‘believe’ and ‘know’. If you believe something to be true it indicates that you believe something might be true…but it might not either? ‘Know’ on the other hand means that you know something FOR CERTAIN. So there is a major difference between these two words and this very simple understanding of the words is THE secrete! And truly knowing something completely is living that knowledge?

Too simple for you? Well that is your choice but also understand that if you desire to control your mind you have to also learn the skill of observing all thought. If you don’t learn this skill then if you are making the same mistakes over and over again and not achieving the success you desire then you don’t have control. (Notice I use the word ‘desire’ not ‘want’ or ‘need’ as those words only provide a lack statement…according to Andy Shaw in his book ‘A Bug Free Mind’)

Control your mind then you control your world and it takes practice and persistence although it doesn’t need to be hard work as it is how you look at it is the key to making easy or hard. It is your choice?

Last point: whatever you think either takes you away from or towards where you desire to be, so choose your thoughts. Don’t judge them if you get them wrong at times, just persist at moving in a positive direction. It is your choice!

Mahatma Gandhi said something like …happiness is when your thoughts, your words and your actions are in harmony.

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